Open Thread Wednesday 4/8/15

Friends — It’s Mrs. Fink. I greet you with an open but broken heart for this open thread. As you now know, my husband is gone, that thread is over for me in a sense. In another thread – more ongoing – my husband instilled the joys, quirks, and camaraderie that being a Brooklyn Heights resident entailed. He wanted to raise our child here, and despite the circumstances, given his passion, it’s something Young Fink and I will try to do. Today have joy in your neighborhood – rejoice in familiar faces; the chicken at JTH; pasta at Sociale; fish and chips and Red’s loving scowl at Custom House; a good blow out at Diva Salon. Find comfort in the crazy dude you pass every morning, the expensive cup of coffee, the odd celebrity (come on, we all dig it!). Also – keep fighting. Helicopter noise? Say something. Parking? Pffft. PS8? Seriously, people, let’s work on that and I hope to see you at a meeting, because you won’t shut me up. Let’s live up to Homer this week, ok? Be generous, over-tip, smile like a madman. Young Fink and I thank you. Homer thanks you.

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  • Teresa

    The Manhattan at the Henry St. Ale House (but only when the musician is bartending, the one who’s been there since I moved here in 1998, and whose name I am embarrassingly forgetting); a slice at Fascati’s; a walk on the Promenade. A toast to Homer, and to all the Finks.

  • Banet

    Julie the cashier at Lassen & Hennigs. She’s so sweet to my boys that they refer to the place as “Julie’s Store”. Just one of the people who make this place feel like a real neighborhood.

  • Cheryl M

    The BHB has helped made this neighborhood feel like home…I hope that you will continue it, Mrs. Fink! So sorry for your loss..

  • perryschaffer

    Young Fink,
    Unfortunately, I did not know your dad, but I know he was awesome. And I can tell your mom is too. I feel the love that surrounds you. Heartfelt condolences.

  • Ellie

    Am stepping out to joyfully overtip and embrace our terrific neighborhood in honor of a great man / Homer

  • Mary

    A stroll down the Columbia Street hill; Iron Chef House’s window decorations; the Church of the Pilgrims yard; Federal era houses; Mr. Fink’s video of a serene morning walk through the BBP. My condolences for your huge loss.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Cheers, then, to neighborhood legacies and to neighbors. Spring is coming reluctantly, but I caught some buds on a tree in Chapin Park yesterday. I’m dedicating them to the Finks.

  • paul_cs

    In honor of your husband, who touched a lot of us through his work, even though we were not lucky enough to have met him.

    my favorite things brooklyn heights:
    – blueberry scones at cranberry’s
    – a manhattan and whatever the special is at henry st ale house
    – climbing up and sitting on top of the stone thing at the end of the promenade, which is really fun and no one ever does except me, my wife and dog.
    – ricotta pancakes at teresa’s
    – getting a sandwich at iris cafe, and walking over to the park to eat at the chess tables

  • AEB

    The Brooklyn Heights Blog. Long may it wave!

  • Mary

    For Young Fink’s neighbors:

    – The firefighting heroes on Middagh. (They love kids and will let you climb into their engines!)
    – The black and white cookies at Cranberry’s.
    – The tire swing at the pirate ship playground.
    – The two cuddling, sleeping cats in Rocco & Jezebel’s window.
    – Skipping in and out of old subway cars at the MTA museum.
    – Shopping for birthday gifts at Heights Kids and picking out a little gift for yourself.
    – Scooting down the promenade like you-just-don’t-care.

    Rest in glorious peace, Homer Fink.

  • DIBS

    Rosie & Primo in the window at Rocco and Jezebel’s

  • miriamcb

    The fish pond at the house on Monroe and the other one at the other end of the neighborhood on Joralemon. We will walk past today and think of you guys.

  • Peter Loibl

    Bravo Mrs. Fink, I echo your sentiments — let’s a honor a man who has touched so many of us (even though I admit I never had the pleasure to meet him face to face). A few of my neighborhood faves:

    * The mac & cheese at Jack the Horse
    * The honey & ginger duckling at Henry’s End
    * The serenity of walk down a row of brownstones on that first crisp day of autumn
    * Chocolate chip scones at Cranberry’s
    * The dozens (or more) languages I hear spoken on an average walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park
    * Thinking about the days that my father and grandparents lived in this neighborhood many years ago

    RIP John!

  • StoptheChop

    What a gracious, lovely, loving tribute. Thank you, Ms Fink.

  • Justine Swartz

    I give thanks to you, Mrs.Fink. My first pleasure in my mornings was reading the Brooklyn Heights Blog. You are strong, wise, and compassionate in
    your words. BHB could not have a better leader at it’s helm.

  • Doug Biviano

    John, you will live on in my memory for a long long time and I’m sure in so many in this community. It was always a treat running into you on the streets, giving a tour or on the subway platform. Your smile always got me.

    I can only begin to tell everyone the difference you made, but I’m sure they know, especially in an era where your blog picked up important local news and political coverage when so many press outlets have long abdicated their constitutional duties in informing us.

    We will miss you Homer Fink but we will always remember you.

    To Tracy and Gracie my warmest condolences. I’ll see you soon at John’s service. The Biviano’s are in to help in any way should you ever need to call on us.

  • whodiditandran

    Tracy, you really were the maraschino cherry in John’s Manhattan. One rarely finds two people who complemented and completed each other so well. I am so sorry for your loss, but heartened by your resolve to move ahead and engage the issues that are important to this wonderful neighborhood, just as John would have done in that “never let ’em see you sweat” way of his. The Heights was my playground and my daughter’s playground, so I’m glad to know that you want to make it Gracie’s playground as well. The slides may be a little sticky, and the swings a bit creaky, but, hey, those are things to be tackled, right? Thank you for keeping on….. Nabeguy, aka Philip Wilentz

  • Moni

    So sorry for your loss and appreciative of all you and Mr. Fink have added to the experience of living in BH, the most walkable neighborhood in NYC and the most conveniently located with all those subway lines available, not to mention the mussels at Jack the Horse, the many fun ecumenical and ethnic celebrations of the various churches and synagogues, and a whole bunch of other great stuff.

  • Heartbroken on Hicks

    The Brooklyn Heights Blog indeed!
    -The firehouse on Hicks
    -The sax player on Friday evenings on Montague
    – Columbia Place especially when the trees are in full bloom
    -early morning quiet walks through the Heights

    Rest in Peace Homer.
    Our sincerest condolences for your loss. Little Fink, know that your father was a most incredible bright light that reached many people. His caring and thoughtfulness brought an entire community together; which is no easy task in a city this large. It is without question that he adores you. We, living in a community with your father, benefitted from his incredible presence and awareness. He will always be a presence in your life because he is a part of you. A unique, caring, and talented person was, no doubt, a father that cherished his daughter and family. Just look what he did for all of us. We are better for having had Homer Fink in our lives. Mrs. Fink and little Fink, thank you for sharing him with us. Long live the Brooklyn Heights Blog!

  • SongBirdNYC

    Stopping and chatting with friends as we drop our kids or run our errands. I especially love when I run into you, Mrs. Fink. Half the time we yell across the street to one another! The Promenade. Watching my son run from one end of Cadman Plaza Park to the other. The rugelach at Cranberry’s. The daily quotes outside First Presbyterian Church. Tut, the huge cat at the pet store on Clark Street. Not to be outdone by the adorable brother and sister pair, Rosie and Primo at Rocco & Jezebel. Nick and Dimitri at the Plaza Diner. Hangin’ with the Mommy Posse at Starbucks. Bubble tea. Playdates. Writing for the Brooklyn Heights blog.

  • BHMommy

    And from the south side of the Heights…
    * Egg and Cheese from Lassen & Hennigs
    * Long chats with Sami from Pet Emporium
    * Dmitri the pharmacist at City Chemist who is every kid’s best friend
    * The early morning crew at BK Equinox
    * Chai Lattes at Tazza
    * That awesome deli on Henry and State
    * Perelandra
    * The Atlantic Antic
    * Montero’s

  • e

    He will be missed deeply.

  • Andrew Porter

    Meanwhile… A new store, “Collyer’s Mansion,” opened April 3rd at 179 Atlantic Avenue, where Brownstone Realty was. They sell home furnishings, lights, all sorts of stuff. Unlike the original Collyer’s Mansion, the store is not full to the roof with old newspapers and trash! Phone: 347-987-3342; website:

    They also have a store at 368 Stratford Road in Ditmas Park.

  • Mrs. Fink

    He will not be a small loss to me as his wife or to his daughter. Hope saying horrible things about a wonderful DEAD man, some how made your day, you little, little person.

  • Guest

    Nor was he a small loss to the community. I’m so sorry you had to read that Mrs. fink. As someone who lost my father tragically and unexpectedly I found comfort in the positive words others shared with me and you too have many of those to take comfort in. What continues to frustrate me is wonderful, amazing people are lost all to soon while hateful people still roam the planet. Your husband is missed.

  • bhsince1997

    I didn’t know Homer but his contribution to this blog has amused us and kept us informed about our community. No doubt Homer loved this neighborhood and made us love it even more…
    – The music and church bells from Grace Church
    – The friendly staff at Lassen
    – Early mornings on the Brooklyn Bridge
    – a lazy weekend breakfast at Tazza on Henry St.
    – Everything at Henry’s End
    – The Caesar Salad at Monty’s
    – The tulips on Remsen St. (when spring finally arrives)
    – Pierrepont playground and even the ice cream truck
    – scooting to PS8
    – The fireworks we see on random summer evenings
    Raising a toast to Homer and heartfelt condolences to his family.

  • Val

    Mrs Fink: I was also a young widow with kids. If you need to talk or anything, please reach out when you’re ready. Talking helps. A lot. Best, Val

  • val
  • grrr

    I still can’t quite believe that Homer Fink is no longer with us! Condolences to Mrs. Fink and his daughter. Your husband was a shining light in our neighborhood.

  • MingO

    RIP Homer. You touched many lives. And BHB is a your living legacy.