Area Man Gets Local Papers to Freak Out Over “Lack of Security” at Monroe Place Brownstone

Both the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and the Brooklyn Paper covered the outrage of Monroe Place resident Jeffrey Smith over what he claimed was the lack of security at a brownstone currently under renovation. Jared Kushner bought 38 Monroe Place and several other properties here to convert into McMansionstones (hey think that will catch on?) recently. Smith told reporters that he’d filed two complaints windows and entrances left open there with the Department of Buildings but was not happy with their response.

And why is he freaking out? Perhaps the irony of the Brooklyn Paper photo of him actually trespassing on the property he’s complaining about being open to trespass? Not that at all. We’ll let his AWESOME comment to the Brooklyn Paper speak for itself, Jack:

Brooklyn Paper: “Unsecured buildings in this area are a classic prequel to you know what,” he said. “That’s surgical arson, daddy-o.”

You know just like Henry Hill:

Ok, maybe notsomuch and he might have a point:

Brooklyn Eagle: “It’s irresponsible,” Smith said on Saturday, pointing out the open garden floor window and unlocked basement hatch. “There are holes in the floor, meaning there are no fire breaks. It’s a bomb ready to go off.”

“Leaving a building like this has always been a prequel to serious fires in the Heights,” he said, mentioning a previous fire at 27 Monroe Place and a fire at the Hotel Margaret that occurred years ago. “It’s part of a syndrome of valuable properties being exposed to fire, when simple, off-the-shelf technology is available. The bottom line is this building needs alarm and fire suppression devices.”

The Eagle adds the the FDNY chose to do nothing because no trash was found in the building. NYPD responded to reports of “strangers” in the building but they were gone before PoPo rolled up.

The Brooklyn Paper updated its report at 3:20pm on Tuesday saying the building had been secured. They also changed their headline to: UPDATE: Bklyn Heights building secured, thanks to our article.

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  • Ray Harris

    Before you engage in any more snarky
    remarks, you should know there is a
    backstory here; my brother lives on
    Monroe Place and residents there have
    for months noticed and complained
    about this bldn. to the police, the build
    ings Dept, and 311. Then two friends
    asked Mr Smith to get involved and
    the results speak for themselves.

  • BrooklynBugle

    And your point?

  • davies

    … should be obvious?

  • BrooklynBugle

    That the Brooklyn Paper took credit for “fixing” the situation?

  • BrooklynBugle

    For background, is this the same Mr. Smith:

  • Cindy sm

    Even if all that is true and accurate (which
    opinions and reports from the distant past
    by his opponents hardly establish) ALSO
    its noticeable that Mr Smith’s responses
    To his detractors are NOT included I’m
    your “coverage”

    But speak to the issue please: Has he
    reported a dangerous condition or not?
    And is part of a wider pattern of real
    Estate misconduct or not and has
    Mr Smith rendered a serious service
    To this community or not?

  • BrooklynBugle

    In the
    post above
    we link to coverage on other outlets
    clicking reveals
    more information

  • Nathan Tempey

    Thanks for reading. But the least you could do is credit the talented Elizabeth Graham for her photo. I’m sure she would appreciate a check, too.

    Nathan Tempey
    Deputy Editor
    The Brooklyn Paper

  • BrooklynBugle

    Sure, thanks.

  • Nathan Tempey

    Sure, what? Is the check in the mail? Is the credit being added to the space below the photo as I type?

  • Andrew Porter

    “Check” and “Mail”—not to be confused with “Czech” and “Male”—are words used last century before the invention of Paypal and e-mail…

  • ccs

    Well, how was the pictures obtained?
    This not to mention the thinly concealed
    Hostility towards Mr Smith who has
    Done nothing but good here.

  • BrooklynBugle

    We’re removed the photo and moved this conversation to email. Have a great holiday Mr. Tempey.