LPC Approves Building Plans for Empty Hicks Street Lot

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the LPC has approved plans for a development on Hicks Street after being rejected previously:

Brooklyn Eagle: The city Landmarks Preservation Commission gave him the go-ahead on Tuesday to build three townhouses on a Brooklyn Heights parking lot at 295-299 Hicks St.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a revised design for three brick rowhouses, each 16 feet wide, in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District.

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  • johnny cakes

    No more residential building until the school and hospital situation is resolved. The city should issue a ban on building.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Almost anything is better than a parking lot.

  • Banet

    I always thought the BHA should do a major capital campaign to raise the money to buy that lot and turn it into a playground.

    Oh well. Too late.

  • stuart

    LOL! The city would sell the Statue of Liberty first. Real Estate development is the life blood of this city. Without the taxes, fees, and jobs created by tearing down and building up, the city would go broke in about five days. This is a very expensive city to run.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, because local people are never going to walk the few blocks to Brooklyn Bridge Park, or the playgrounds next to LICH on the other side of Atlantic.

  • johnny cakes

    Real Estate development is the corruption of this city.

  • Banet

    Well, the LICH playgrounds are crowded and may not be long for this world and even if they remain may be in the middle of a construction site for years.

    And besides, there are all kinds of playgrounds — it could have been specialized in its focus in an appealing way.

  • Reggie

    legally (almost) impossible.