Friend of a Farmer Plans a Cozy Spot at 76 Montague Street

As we reported earlier, Gramercy Park mainstay Friend of a Farmer will be opening a second eatery at 76 Montague Street, last occupied by Design Within Reach. The restaurant’s Taylor Morabito told us via email that the lease for the property was signed last Thursday. He adds:

We chose the Brooklyn Heights because it’s very similar to our gramercy park location in, Manhattan. Beautiful brownstones, quaint streets and an overall great neighborhood vibe.

With our new location at 76 Montague we are looking to do much of the same but on a little bit bigger scale since the Brooklyn restaurant has larger square footage. It will be a sit down restaurant first. We will be offering breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as delivery and takeout.

We’ll also be looking to duplicate the same atmosphere found at 77 Irving place. We’ll have 3 working fire places through out the restaurant and bar area, and our concept of quaint, upstate, neighborhood charm will surely come with the territory.

Morabito adds that a gut renovation of the space is planned and that Friend of a Farmer will occupy both floors.

A Brooklyn Eagle report earlier this year said the owners of 76 Montague would be turning the building into an apartment.

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  • WOW

    Thank God — another place for delivery!

  • Andrew Porter

    The Eagle reported that the second floor would be an apartment. There was some construction done, but it petered out.

  • Princess

    The big question…will they keep the anchor outside?

  • tigerlily

    Love Friend of a Farmer. When do they plan to open?

  • Monty

    Bonus: The Manhattan location is open at 8am for breakfast 7 days a week. Hopefully Brooklyn will do the same.

  • Sunflower123

    Their restaurant in Gramercy Park has outdoor tables. If so, they will need to get rid of the iconic anchor and maritime chain. That would be too bad. Wolf Spille would be sad.