Open Thread Wednesday 10/22/14

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  • Teresa
  • HeightsHaven

    Yes, a family lives there — have been the same people for years. They probably just dont have any money to fix up the place. They use the downstarirs as the main entereance.

  • DIBS

    In most of the drug stores I go into, the cashiers are always busy chatting with each other and service sucks so these are welcome.

  • HeightsHaven

    I liked this plan when I first heard about it, but now that I see what a crowded mess BBP has become — and it’s negative effect on BH — I am not in favor for driving any more traffic into the hood. Let’s leave those parks alone. One of the best parts about Cadman Plaza Park is the peace there. It’s bad enough it has become ground zero for every organized walk over the Bridge. This would just make it worse.

  • cindy sm


    This gathering is the first intercourse
    Expression of general concern…and
    Alarm..on what is now happening in
    The middle east. Heights residents
    With a range of serious concerns on
    The middle east and the very grave
    Dangers which have now developed
    Will join in the first euaristic procession
    For peace in the middle east. Given the
    Recent news; mounting sectarian violence, the destruction of centuries old churches
    And the introduction or even MORE nuclear
    Weapons into the region, many many
    Heights residents and thoughtful people
    In surrounding areas are planning to
    Be there and offer real prayres for peace
    In this region which is holy to many faiths I will be there with my famous/infamous boyfriend and members of my family.

    OCT 26 gathering starts at St Charles
    Borremeo church 31 Sidney Place after conclusion of Services about 12 Noon
    The gathering then proceeds to Our Lady
    Of Lebanon who’s members will join in.
    The enlarged group will proceed through the Heights gathering further process
    Ion members and conclude at Assumption
    Church 55 Cranberry street.

    INFORMATION: Fr. James Root Our Lady
    Of Lebanon 718 624 7228,

    Fr. Edward Doran 718 625 1177 St Charles

    Fr. Jim King Assumption Church 55 Cranberry Street.

    PLEASE Join Us

  • cindy sm

    My comments were apparently hacked.

    As written by me the opening line read
    INTERFAITH Gathering.

    Amazing the minute you mention the
    Subject of that region, the really nasty
    Games start….

    Anyway, hope to ALL people of good
    Intentions there.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    March for LICH this Sunday, Oct. 26th

  • martinlschneider

    The picture itself is an illustration from the brochure Robert Moses commissioned hailing the advent of his idea of Urban Renewal.

  • Joe A

    Wow. You are clinically paranoid aren’t you? It couldn’t be an auto correct problem? No, you were hacked. How amusing you are cindy, how very amusing.

  • cindy sm

    Your comments are unwarranted.
    I have a stand alone record of my
    Text as actually transmitted. Also,
    I went into the sub routines of
    This device line by line disabled
    The word substitution functions
    when I took delivery.

    But now I know what the “A” REALLY
    Stands for….

  • Joe A

    totally freakin’ nuts aren’t you?

  • miriamcb

    Thanks – I was curious as I’ve heard a few rumors for a bit now!

  • miriamcb

    I think in this instance when it’s hard to even think of what to say in an appropriate manner about the actual incident, you may at least ask for her name and phone number (and the kids’ names). Every once in awhile there is a post in the neighborhood parent listserv about this sort of thing so the parents can be informed about what to do. I find, in general, when you just ask for a name and number that at least puts the person on alert that we are paying attention in the neighborhood.

  • cindy sm

    No, I’m simply being accurate.
    Especially in the assessment of
    What “A” stands for…

  • Andrew Porter

    Good ole Robert Moses also planned to have the entire complex only have studio apartments, so no one with a family would move in. His other plans included having a multi-exit for cars from the Brooklyn Bridge, so there’d be no park land accessible to pedestrians between the BB and the courthouses the other side of Tillary Street. Wotta guy! Glad he’s dead, frankly, so he can’t destroy any more of the Heights.

  • Andrew Porter

    I routinely tell people waiting about the two cash registers in the pharmacy, run by humans. I refuse to use the self-service machines in the front.

  • Andrew Porter

    The owners told me they are slowly working through plans to redo the exterior brick, windows, entrance, and sidewalks. Working with Landmarks can be a long involved process. The family owns the hobby, etc., store on Jay Street that has been there for decades.

  • Andrew Porter

    Your behavior here, cindy, does not add to your credibility.

  • miriamcb

    Thanks – I bet landmarks can be a very involved process. I’ve heard a few things floating around the neighborhood about the house so I’m glad you were able to clarify.

  • Andrew Porter

    If you’re familiar with the building on the north side of Remsen, just east of Montague Terrace, with the backyard garden full of dog statues, I was told that the guy who lived there died a few weeks ago. Expect major changes in the decor soon.

  • Andrew Porter

    I still have my Dad’s whistle; he was a track coach. It’s an “Acme Thunderer” (really!). Maybe you’d like to borrow it and confuse her?