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  • Born in Brooklyn Heights

    Wounded Warrior Sale at St. Charles Borromeo Church (Sidney Place)

    This from a recent church bulletin:

    The Outreach Committee’s first event is the Nov. 8th Wounded Warrior Stoop Sale. Please make the stoop sale a huge success by
    donating collectibles, costume jewelry, musical instruments, CD’s,
    DVD’s, decorative items, paintings and Christmas ornaments.
    Donations can be dropped off on Saturdays between 10-11AM.

    Volunteers are needed to set up, sell and clean up. A sign-up sheet will be on the back table as you enter the church. Let’s assist this wonderful organization that helps our young heroes who willingly sacrifice to protect the United States.

  • Born in Brooklyn Heights

    St. Charles Borromeo Stoop Sale to benefit the Wounded Warriors ProjectDate: Saturday, November 8thTime: 11AM-3PMLocation: Sidney Place (between Joralemon and State Streets)

  • Nick Minos

    How do you suggest to a nanny that hitting a little girl with an open umbrella because she isn’t doing what you want is not acceptable without getting hit by the umbrella and told to mind your own business?

  • Justine Swartz

    Monday afternoon 2:00pm I emailed an order to Key Food on Montague St.  4:00pm  5 bags of luscious groceries were delivered to my front door. Shopping doesn’t get any easier than that! 

  • Doug Biviano

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  • petithiboux

    Does anyone have an update on Gallito’s? I haven’t walked past since Friday, when it still looked closed … I work on Court Street and my coworkers and I love that place!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I walked by last night at about 9 PM and it was open.

  • Panina

    Take the hit and yell ‘It takes a village!’ It is our business to defend the innocent! I’d love to have nannies be required to wear a # on their back which is registered with a legitimate site that one can anonymously report what was seen them doing wrong and complimenting them for good!!! Then the parents can check up on them! I am NOT alone being sick of seeing horrible treatment of the children in their ‘care’ (?)

  • Blerkt

    What is that picture of? Is that replacing the Cadman Plaza buildings?

  • mac

    Looks like the police officer finally caught on to the parking habits in the N.Heights….watched the officer work their way west on Orange from Hicks to Columbia Hts, from 7:45 til 8 ..ticketing cars where the drivers couldn’t wait until 8am before leaving their cars…then he waited a couple of minutes and worked his way back down the opposite side of the street at 8:05 ticketing 4 cars who had not moved yet.

  • Heights

    Anyone else fed up with the self-service checkout at the CVS on Henry St./Love Lane? So frustrating if you are buying more than will fit in one of their ever shrinking bags! Always a problem and “assistance is on the way”. I would rather wait in line for a live person but there is never anyone available.

  • StoptheChop

    the machines are set up to allow you to put your own (bigger) bag there.

  • StoptheChop

    the cars that idle from 7-8 am drive me nuts.

  • Moni

    Actually the machines are set up to eliminate the jobs of cashiers.

  • Monty

    Self-checkout machines are the greatest thing ever. My biggest complaint is people who spend 20 minutes not reading the instructions on the screen and asking for assistance.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    It is a picture of the original Cadman Plaza plan with no space between buildings for sunlight. I assume it was part of Robert Moses plan to rid the city of slums. (Slum clearance). You can look at the complex next to NYU to get an idea what it would have looked like if completed. Problem was these apartments were not for families (more transient) and ran counter to what neighborhood activists like Martin Schneider had in mind. Activists wanted more family oriented apartments that were part of a cooperative that had a sense of ownership and would add to the communal welfare. Fortunately, Martin & Co. prevailed.

  • David on Middagh

    Jack Kevorkian?!
    Is that you?

  • StoptheChop

    yeah, indeed. I was only addressing the part of the comment about the chintzy CVS bags.

  • Justine Swartz

    Too bad our sunlight will now be blocked by the gynormous condominium
    being built in the footprint of the Cadman Plaza Library.

  • DoBro84

    Update on the Brooklyn Strand

    I think the Brooklyn Strand project looks exciting.

    “Included in the project would be a 21-acre greenspace linking the waterfront to Borough Hall….The parks that would be affected include Columbus Park, Cadman Plaza Park and Walt Whitman Park.”

    “CB2 and the Parks Department plan to hold a meeting in mid-November to further discuss its details and impact on the neighborhood”

    October article:

  • ltap917

    As a mother of two girls there’s no way I would not have spoken to the Nanny. I might even have taken a picture, found out where she worked and let the parents know what’s going on.

  • Nick Minos

    What would you say specifically? I was only going to be able to use the most foul language that would have caused more harm. Seriously, I was incapable of even asking if it was an accident.

  • miriamcb

    I go on frequent walks in the neighborhood and was curious if anyone knows what’s going on at 87 Pineapple Street. It appears to be a brownstone in disrepair with a no trespassing sign, but that there may be people living there, too or at least downstairs.

  • TMS

    Snap a picture of her and post a picture of it on here. Someone will know the parents and then you can get in touch and give more details to the parents who would likely fire her.

  • BrooklynBugle


  • Jorale-man

    Perhaps there’s a lesson here for the people who want to see a 30-story skyscraper go up in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  • miriamcb

    If you want to check out with a person and it’s not busy for the pharmacy, you can always check out in the back of the store. They also have larger bags hanging on the wall up front that you can use instead of the smaller ones.

  • cindy sm

    Well its the old game..first you lower the quality of the existing service atmosphere so then when the services are either taken away or replaced by a real degradation
    There will be the least protests. It works
    If you are a retail outlet or if you are a major
    Public resource like a central library or a
    Critical hospital facility….

  • Mingo

    Regarding the bridge at Squibb Park, I’ve been walking my dog around there more frequently these past few weeks, and it would seem that there has been no activity at all. I usually do a morning and afternoon walk, and while there is plenty of building construction, the bridge remains untouched.

    Could it be that the construction of the building is to blame for the issues? Or could it just be that while the bridge is structurally sound, the fact that a high traffic bridge in the middle of a construction zone is a safety concern?

    If the bridge only reopens with the completion of Pierhouse condos, I think we’ll have our answer.

  • David on Middagh

    The PS8 crossing guard has gone whistle-happy again.