Open Thread Wednesday 10/8/14

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  • DIBS

    LOL, yes, another self-appointed hall monitor

  • Moni

    What’s so great about more charter schools? More money being sucked out of public schools? Charter schools are all about destroying the public school system by evading real reform and investment, and especially about union busting — just like the LICH deal

  • DoBro84

    I think the new charters approved for NYC are good because I agree with the NYSED Charter School Office’s mission.

    “Goal 4: Overall Mission

    Improve student achievement outcomes in New York State charter schools, particularly for students who are at greatest risk of not meeting State academic standards

    Measureable Outcomes:

    1. Each year the percentage of New York State charter school students in the following categories that achieves at or above the proficient level on State examinations, in the following subjects, will increase by 2% from the prior year (in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)).

    a. fourth grade, reading/language arts

    b. fourth grade, mathematics

    c. eighth grade, reading/language arts

    d. eighth grade, mathematics

    2. Each year, high school graduation rates for charter school students in New York State in the following categories will either meet the State standard of 80% or will reduce the gap between the state standard and the prior year’s rate by at least 20%, as measured by either the four year graduation cohort rate or the five year extended cohort graduation rate.

    a. all students

    b. students with disabilities

    c. English language learners

    d. students that qualify for freeā€reduced lunch

    e. students who reside in a rural LEA

    3. By December 31, 2015 results from a rigorous outcomes research study will show that New York State charter schools will outperform, at a statistically significant level, comparable students in traditional New York State public schools in categories determined by the research design.”

    Excerpt from “The New York State Education Department, Charter School Office 2011-2016 Strategic Plan.”

    The complete strategic plan can be found at:

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    LOVE THIS!!!!!

  • Joe A

    Somebody’s gotta do it right?

  • Banet

    People, I took a look at the site below and there’s only ONE proposal for Brooklyn Heights proper. Go take a look and see if you can find a way for some of Councilman Levin’s funds to be spent effectively in Brooklyn Heights.

  • ujh

    Check the Scenic View map. The condo segment of Pierhouse to the south of the Squibb Park bridge lies within the Scenic View Shed and therefore has to adhere to the lower height mandated by law. However, I don’t know whether the post-Sandy building code also allows for some height adjustment there. Try to find out by calling the BBP office and asking to speak with someone knowledgeable about the regulations.

  • miriamcb

    There are a couple more now and I just posted one too :) Thanks for the reminder.

  • liam

    I have noticed on weekend a lot of illegally parked cars on Pierrepont St and Pierrepont Place (and I’m sure other places within the heights), Usually from mid-afternoon to about 10pm. They seem to be from visitors to Brooklyn Bridge Park where the is very limited parking available and they seem to know that the ticket agents and the tow trucks are off-duty at that time. You would think with the state of NYC’s finances that an easy windfall would be welcomed