Open Thread Wednesday 10/8/14

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  • Heightsman

    I would like an analysis of NYPD Tow Truck activity in BH vs. the rest of NYC on alternate side days by neighborhood. I am willing to bet it’s drastically higher and no one’s checking. Just a a thought as they know it’s affluent people who are fish in a barrel and pay every time. It’s all about the dollars.

  • WellAdjustedAndroid

    NYPD doesn’t tow for alternate side infractions (unless you are a scofflaw) except for all day alternate side on residental streets too narrow for parking on both sides and fire trucks. And they tow because it’s a hazard and they have to.

    I am not sure which other neighborhoods have all day alternate side. Most other historic districts have had their streets widened at some point.

    So yeah all day alternate side streets will have much higher tow rates.

  • cindy sm

    About 8 years ago the heads of the meter
    And parking violation program (s) came
    To the 84 pct. Community council and
    At least one Carol gardens meeting I
    Happened to be at. This was after several
    Incidents of people catching meter person
    New ticketing fully legally parked cars in
    The Heights. After much resistance, they
    Disclosed that in neighborhoods where
    Two or more agents are assaulted in a
    Month or are consistently threatened
    ENFORCEMENT CEASES. This included
    The entire Farragut Navy Yards projects
    Enjoy the tickets…well behaved citizens

  • Teresa

    Perfect view of the lunar eclipse from the Promenade.

  • Banet

    Damn! I thought it was too overcast and didn’t head out. Do-over please?

  • Teresa

    There were definitely clouds floating by, but enough breaks to get a good look.

  • mac

    Question, is there any way to find out if the condo section of the Pierhouse development (south of Squibb bridge) is also going to be taller than it’s original renderings/plan like the hotel portion? Since the added 3 floors on the hotel supposedly were “clearly” in the plans, how do we make sure the southern portion doesn’t have the same nonsense pulled on us??

  • Reggie

    I don’t think affluence is the determining factor. I believe towing is higher in the neighborhoods closer to the pound. The faster a tow truck driver can drop off a car at the Navy Yard, the sooner s/he–I did once see a gal–can go get another.

  • Heightsman

    If it were such a hazard we’d see massive towing on Clark Street each Sunday. All day you see BOTH sides of the street with cars due to church attendance.

  • newbie

    Does anyone that lives on Montague hear the subway rumble and feel the vibration? Just moved into the neighborhood and wonder if it’s always been this way or if this is related to the R train reopening.

  • WillowL

    The R train closed after sandy, but always operated before then. So yes there has always been vibrations..

  • mykelde

    does anyone know why there has been a police car stationed on Pier 2 every night for the last five days? I know there was a fight on the pier previously between some kids.

  • TMS

    Anyone notice the aroma of poop in the air this morning? Also, dog owners please clean up your dog’s poop!

  • willowL

    Could very well be the smell of smashed ginkos ( or however you spell it) I had the joy of stepping on one yesterday and the bottom of my sneaker reeked ! ! but yes.. people should pick up too

  • DIBS

    Yup, ginkos smell just like dogshit. We get a lot more of them in Philadelphia

  • WellAdjustedAndroid

    There was a healthy debate about this a couple years ago on city hall and the detente that emerged under Bloomberg was to not tow churich goers on Sunday. And that seems to be continued under DeBlasio.

    I kinda get it. If there were a fire trucks would be slowed but eventually would get through. But yeah its still dangerous. Not sure how I feel about it.

  • DoBro84

    Good news: 17 New Charter Schools Approved for New York City

    School districts in Brooklyn who will get a school are 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 22 and 23.

    Full article is at:

  • AEB

    (From now on gonna post all my comments as blank verse, just like this one!)

  • Heightsman

    Welcome to the world of ginkos! Should chop every one of them down.

  • Teresa

    It would be so nice if we could read here about community issues without the usual suspects dominating the comments, throwing insults and reiterating already oft-expressed points. A woman can dream…

  • WellAdjustedAndroid

    Oh good god they are nasty. Is that what they are called? Ginkos? I didn’t know that. I always called them ‘stink trees.’ Literal but fits the bill.

    I’m sure they have some kind of ecological value…but my god what an olfactory assault

  • Joe A

    Perhaps you should take you own advice. One can only dream.

  • Andrew Porter

    Gorgeous Full Moon tonight, and it’s crystal clear as well.

  • Andrew Porter

    Could be much worse. Imagine you lived in DUMBO near the Manhattan Bridge and got to hear the mind-numbing sound of trains along the bridge every few minutes.

    People who live on Middagh Street have put up with the sound of the A and C trains going by underneath, plus cracks in their walls and foundations, for over 100 years. Like people who live next to a fire house, you’ll soon adjust to this.

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw 3 NYPD cars, lights flashing, on the two entrances to Pier 2 this evening at about 7:45pm.

  • Andrew Porter

    Those are the female ones. NYC has learned in recent decades to only plant the male ones. There are fruiting trees at the SE corner of Hicks, next to Pierrepont, and at the circle at the end of Remsen as you go toward the Promenade. Stinky Ginko Season lasts until December or so. I’ve learned to hold my breath, or walk on the west side of Hicks.

    Tell all your Chinatown pals about these things; they’ll hopefully come and harvest the fruits.

  • WillowL

    They are widely used in asian cooking! sometimes there are asian ladies around the neighborhood that pick them up off the ground. I have read up about the Gingko tree and the gingko berries that fall off, they actually only smell when they are punctured ! and are thought to help brain function and memory loss issues.. the more you know :)

  • Jorale-man

    Great to have the R Train back, btw. Even if it’s pokey and infrequent, it’s SO much more civilized than the 4/5 trains especially.

  • Teresa

    I saw. It was lovely

  • DIBS

    They are wonderful grilled at Yakitori restaurants. I had some a few weeks ago in Hong Kong