Nabe Blogger: “I’m Not Porn King”

Nabe blogger TwoFones has a doppleganger who runs a highly successful porn adult entertainment business. Both share the same last name but one goes by “Greg” while the other uses “Gregory”. Folks in the digital biz have confused the duo before, but a recent New York Times piece on the more “adult” Gregory flamed up the mix-ups.

twofones photoTwoFones: The Other Me: To set the record straight, that Gregory Clayman is not me.  He’s another guy, about my age I think, who has been in the online content business since founding his B2B streaming adult video company, Video Secrets, in 1996.  The other Greg Clayman gives keynotes, has notable parties, has been in Forbes, and does the panel circuit so it’s not unusual for us to cross paths in the press.  I saw a picture of him winning an AVN Award a few years back and he even kind of looks like me.

Although we’ve never met, I think we have an unspoken agreement that he’s “Gregory” and I’m “Greg” when we do press.  At least, that’s how our names appear for the most part.

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