Nabe’s Lady Liberty

You may not know who nabe resident Jennifer Stewart is, but you've seen her. She's the one dressed up as the Statue of Liberty at Gracie Mansion parties or as part of NYC's Olympic delegation in our failed bid for the 2012 games in Singapore two years ago.  The New York Times profiles her today. 

NYC Mayor's Office photoNew York Times: Easy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown: She lives in Brooklyn Heights in a joined pair of apartments, to which she hopes to add a “de-greening room,” where she could remove her coat of hand-mixed theatrical makeup. (“It gets everywhere.”) The apartment is festooned with statue stuff: a cupboard full of statue-themed mugs, two dozen statuettes and a detailed diorama for the set of a statue-themed children’s TV show she is pitching.

From the roof of her building, one floor up, she has a view of Lady Liberty. “The magnitude of her totally boggles my mind,” she said.

Photo: NYC Mayor's office

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