Spielberg Transforms Perfect Paws into a 1960s Dress Shop and He Will Make It Rain Monday Night in Brooklyn Heights

As previously reported, Steve Spielberg’s Cold War thriller “St. James Place” is back in Brooklyn Heights shooting. Last night BHB’s Evan Bindelglass caught Tom Hanks filming scenes and this morning Mrs. Fink spotted Perfect Paws (102 Hicks Street) being transformed into a 1960s dress shop:

Perfect Paws transformed by Spielberg. Photo by Mrs. Fink

In 1958, two years before this film regarding the Francis Gary Powers incident takes place, 102 Hicks was the Towers Food Center (photo).

Tonight, residents of Hicks Street (between Clark and Orange) and Pineapple (between Henry and Willow) will have a front row seat as Spielberg and Hanks shoot a rain scene:

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  • AEB

    I object to being summoned to do things that interfere with my access to my building, or my enjoyment of my neighborhood via “creative” interference with it, so that people can pursue their need to make (even more) money.

    I take special delight is telling the children assigned to ask me to delay crossing a street, or to cross to the other side of it, or to pause before returning to my building until a scene is shot, “no!”

    To the barricades, neighbors!

  • IBWT

    What I love is how the movie companies pay for alternative parking for residents during these creative occupations. Yeah, right!

  • Troll

    Calm down. No one cares.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    You must be really fun at parties.

  • Stash

    I can’t sleep because of the huge trucks that are making a crazy noise, getting pollutions into my house and you know what? I also gotta go to work tomorrow… Why not doing it in Hollywood people? Wtf is going on?

  • AEB


  • hicksup

    A few curmudgeons on this board I see. I for one, LOVED seeing Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Tom Hanks even spoke to the crowd for a little bit. And the rain and other special effects were very cool to see.