BHB Readers’ Endorsement Poll: NYS 52nd Assembly District

On Tuesday night, we hosted a debate between the three candidates in the 52nd AD Democratic primary – Jo Anne Simon, Peter Sikora and Doug Biviano. In addition, the candidates debated tonight (9/3) on BRIC TV and last week on NY1.

BHB Candidate Interviews: Jo Anne Simon | Pete Sikora | Doug Biviano

Note the we will be updating this post through Election Day with new video and links as they become available.

Now, it’s time for our official BHB Readers Endorsement Poll in this race. We will announce the BHB Reader’s Endorsement on Monday.

New videos and updates will appear here:

BHB Debate: Question Time

One of the most interesting portions of BHB’s Debate Tuesday at St. Francis College was “Question Time.” In that segment each candidate was given the opportunity to ask each of their opponents a question. Sparks definitely flew and we suggest you watch the entire clip especially if you’re undecided. (As with the other clip below this video appears courtesy of Jonathan Barkey and Citizens Defending Libraries).

Candidates Discuss the Brooklyn Heights Library at BHB’s Debate

Video Copyright 2014 Jonathan Barkey. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Citizens Defending Libraries,

Debate Photos by Jason Shaltz #shaltzshotme



  • Doug Biviano
  • johnny cakes

    Can we get Mookie on the 52nd ballot? Is it too late?

  • Doug Biviano

    Jo Anne Simon has now taken $3,500 from Henry “Hank” Gutman who is pro-Condo in Park BPP Board Member and just realized on Brooklyn Public Library Board of Trustees:

    Is Simon really going to disappoint Hank on Condos in the Park or Saving the library?

  • ujh

    Case of sour grapes?

  • ujh

    Note that Jo Anne Simon said she’s committed to building alliances, without which no legislation can be passed. Doug Biviano wants to go it alone! Bet who stands a better chance of getting something – anything – done?

  • marshasrimler

    Joanne is a person of integrity. she will not be bought

  • Doug Biviano

    How about starting with protecting our neighborhoods… That’s job no. 1 right now and the money behind candidates predicts outcomes in this regard.

  • Doug Biviano

    BerlinRosen – Red Hook Star-Revue– surprised covering RedHook Library story when we were directed 2 call BerlinRosen