BHB Readers’ Endorsement Poll: NYS 52nd Assembly District

BRIC Debate

52nd Assembly District Debate from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.


  • Doug Biviano
  • johnny cakes

    Can we get Mookie on the 52nd ballot? Is it too late?

  • Doug Biviano

    Jo Anne Simon has now taken $3,500 from Henry “Hank” Gutman who is pro-Condo in Park BPP Board Member and just realized on Brooklyn Public Library Board of Trustees:

    Is Simon really going to disappoint Hank on Condos in the Park or Saving the library?

  • ujh

    Case of sour grapes?

  • ujh

    Note that Jo Anne Simon said she’s committed to building alliances, without which no legislation can be passed. Doug Biviano wants to go it alone! Bet who stands a better chance of getting something – anything – done?

  • marshasrimler

    Joanne is a person of integrity. she will not be bought

  • Doug Biviano

    How about starting with protecting our neighborhoods… That’s job no. 1 right now and the money behind candidates predicts outcomes in this regard.

  • Doug Biviano

    BerlinRosen – Red Hook Star-Revue– surprised covering RedHook Library story when we were directed 2 call BerlinRosen