84th Precinct Police Blotter 8/20/14: Here Come the Brooklyn Bridge Park Crooks

The Brooklyn Paper’s Police Blotter for the 84th Precinct this week sheds some light on a new leisure activity at Brooklyn Bridge Park — CRIMIN’ . Folks, we know you’re sophisticated urban dwellers so we assume that the need to watch your belongings at all times in a public setting isn’t a shock. That said, behold this passage from the B’Paper’s blotter:

People reported three thefts in Brooklyn Bridge Park this week. Here’s how they stack up:

• A crook swiped a man’s bag from a restaurant on Pier 6 in the park on Aug. 5.

The victim told cops he put the bag down in the rooftop bar area of the establishment near the corner of Joralemon Street and Atlantic Avenue at 8:30 pm, and when he went to retrieve it an hour later it was gone, cops said. The bag contained two electronic tablets, a laptop, a cellphone, some clothes, and a volleyball, according to a police report.

• The next night, someone stole a man’s backpack that he had left unattended on Pier 1, police said.

The 30-year-old victim told cops he left the bag near the corner of Old Fulton and Furman streets at 8:30 pm, and returned 15 minutes later to find it gone. The bag contained a cellphone, $20 in cash, a debit card, and some keys, cops said.

• The night after that, on Aug. 7, someone grabbed a bag from the soccer fields on Pier 5, near the corner of Joralemon and Furman streets.

The 24-year-old soccer player told police he put the bag down at 7:45 pm to play a game, and when he returned at 8:15, the bag was gone. The bag contained $25 in cash, credit and debit cards, and a cellphone, according to a police report.

The thief used cards at RadioShack and Starbucks the report says.

Dirtbag criminals! They’re just like us with their fancy lattes and cell phone accessory habits! Be safe out there kiddies!!

Even the embattled Brooklyn Heights Library isn’t safe (hey we thought it was only a place for academics!) as a 74 year old woman reported that her wallet was stolen at the branch on August 5.

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  • Joe A

    You just did.

  • MiniCooper

    I don’t assume anything and I agree that everyone is most certainly entitled to his/her own opinion. No biggie for me since I don’t live on Joralemon and can co-exist with the extra noise on Hicks.

  • ltap917

    Yes, Joe, but isn’t that what you do? You always have to be right.
    It’s OK for others to have a different view of how they view the park and how it has affected this once peaceful community.

  • Joe A

    Yes, it is OK, that is what I said. But your saying that I don’t care about Brooklyn Heights residents seems to suggest you don’t tolerate people having opposing opinions and have to personally attack them. Whatever, I’m going to enjoy the park while you shake your fist and bellow “get off my lawn!” till your blue in the face.

  • bialy

    block off the access at middagh. The joralemon problem cant be fixed as it is a city street and people have a right to use it .. but the bridge at Middagh needs to come down. Artificially funneling park traffic through the NH is criminal .. there should have been access points only at fulton landing and atlantic ave. both are suitable for loud crowds and all the nonsense that goes on. the neighborhood has surely suffered and yes folks the property values will follow suit. its just a very bad blend of foreign tourists and a lot of loud and obnoxious people from elsewhere in the city to disrupt the neighborhood..

  • David on Middagh

    Yep. Since construction closed the Bouncy Bridge, fewer noisy groups are seen on Middagh. People still come and go because we’re on the route from the Brooklyn Bridge (or A train) to Columbia Heights, but you can’t do much about that.

  • jorawatcher

    Glad to see my post got a featured spot and that I’m not alone in my concerns. Let’s continue to the discussion in the weeks to come, and see what, if any, solutions make themselves known. Only think I can think of is closing the entrance at Joralemon and forcing pedestrian traffic to Atlantic.

    And for the record, it is midnight on Saturday, and a group of young woman are yelling their way down the block as I type…

  • jorawatcher

    And petercow, you suggest calling the police, but since the pedestrian traffic is in constant movement (thank god for small favors) I’m not sure what the police could do — stay up with a bullhorn and yell “Quiet!”?

  • cindy s

    I come from Mass and gatherings at St Charles and
    very frequently see really ugly behavior on Joralemon.
    But it’s very simple; if any legal entity feels it can do
    Anything and there will never, ever, have any kind
    Of an rji result, the problems will just continue
    And will get worse. Thirty years experience in the
    Law has shown me this.

  • Banet

    Unfortumately this isn’t compatible with real life in NYC. Many of these games are played at night. Many of the players come straight from work. They have suits, laptops, briefcases, wallets… the works. If you work downtown, and play in BBP, it’s not realistic to go all the way home to change and come back.

    I think the park should put in a simple low wall of lockers akin to the ones they have down at Pier 2. Or, I suppose, the players could go use those lockers at Pier 2 and use the walk up to Pier 5 as a warm-up.