Open Thread Wednesday 8/20/14

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo: Mrs. Fink

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  • Denise

    What happened with the Clark St elevator generator that was delivered supposedly all fixed and now won’t be ready until the end of Oct ?

  • zburch

    Anyone know why the squib park bouncy bridge is closed and when it will re-open? It has been closed for over a week.

  • Rick

    The sign says it is closed because of the hotel/condo construction. Why it should have been closed over the weekend, when there is no construction is a mystery, though.

  • PJMF

    The last time we were on it (last week), it was slanted/pitched on the Squib Park side and no longer bouncing or moving. Felt like it was stuck in that position. We thought something was wrong with it and then it was shut down the next day. Also, when it is closed for the construction it is usually open for at least part of the day and/or part of the weekend. We have not seen it open for over a week.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Have you noticed all of the trees that seem to be dying in the neighborhood? The bark is peeling off and the leaves are already brown. All the same type of tree. I also saw this in Westchester this weekend.

  • Bongo23

    What’s up with the egregious parking on Clark Street on Sundays? It used to be the church mob, after they got kicked off Henry, but now it seems like a parking free-for-all all day Sunday. No one seems to be getting tickets, and it makes the street too narrow.

  • Bongo23

    Was that Mary Louise-Parker I saw walking her kids to school on Hicks? I think it was.

  • cmpizz

    Those are sycamore trees. They lose their bark all the time, this is normal. As for losing their leaves in August, it is because it has been such a dry summer. Still, sycamores lose their leaves early compared to other trees anyway. The trees aren’t dying don’t worry about it.

  • A Neighbor

    Nothing’s dying. They’re actually London plane trees — giants that thrive in urban environments and line NYC streets. The bark is always peeling, and they shed their leaves twice a year.

  • Doug Biviano

    Something everyone should know:

    Working Family Party-Lander-Sikora incompetence & bullying of Carroll Gardens parent and Brooklyn District Leader candidate Paige Bellenbaum off the ballot –

  • DIBS

    What an incredibly poorly written, poorly explained blog article.

  • GHB

    Yes, she lives in the neighborhood.

  • Joe A


  • Ann B Chapin

    I have not been getting this Blog for the last few days??? Picked up today’s Open Thread from an older blog that was in my email—

  • Doug Biviano

    My opponent Pete Sikora, de Blasio’s PAC and Berlin Rosen fooled us twice with the campaign prop of getting arrested to save LICH and the LICH Gary Reilly letter. Are they going to FOOL US A THIRD TIME with Sikora’s slick mailers?

  • MissingRichie

    Honestly, I am still so disappointed that you chose to take a young upstart’s wishes over an elderly gentleman who had lived in the Standish since 1955. Mr Hunt, after many, many years was told he was no longer allowed to sit in the common area because this young one complained. If that’s what sways you as a building manager, I can’t possibly see how you could stand up to people in the Brooklyn political circle.

  • Heightsman

    I completely agree that something seems off related to that bridge. It seems fairly twisted (warped?). Let’s see what happens.

  • MonroeOrange

    i said months ago (and was lambasted on this blog for it), that the bridge that cost $2 million dollars, was the biggest scam perpetrated on us. They build a bridge for millions and then complain they don’t have enough cash to support the park without housing! and now the bridge is closed?

    By the way, there was no need for this bridge at all, there are plenty of other ways to reach the park.

    The whole BBP as i predicted, would not be a g-d send, but an debacle. We didn’t get a park, out of this, we got housing, litter and crowds. As i stated long ago, i much prefered the view of the warehouses, over this ‘park’.

  • DIBS

    Hey Doug…ever hear of the old saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Foll me twice, shame on me?” And you’re going on your third? LOL

  • A Standish Guy

    That is totally incorrect. Doug never prevented Mr. Hunt — R.I.P — from hanging out in the lobby and chatting with fellow residents. Doug is the building superintendent, not manager. He has always executed his duties in an extremely competent manner. I see no reason not to trust him to do a fine job in the political arena as well.

  • Jorale-man

    Unrelated: one thing in the park I’ve noticed lately is that the Pier 4 beach no longer has much sand on it. It’s mostly rocks, gravel and hunks of driftwood. A shame they aren’t trying maintain that more. Whether or not you care to swim there (I don’t personally), it was a nice feature.

  • anon

    So no one know when it will reopen? I use that bridge to walk home every day.

  • Prince Humperdink

    Move to Manhattan, grumpus!

  • Mark

    They aren’t NOW saying that they can’t support the park without housing. They ALWAYS said that; it was the plan from the beginning.

    And we all know that when you complain about “crowds”; you mean non-white people.

  • BrooklynBugle

    Check your spam folder if you’re a newsletter subscriber.

    Also the site is always on at

  • Ann B Chapin

    always check my spam folder–I signed up and I expect to get it in my email as I always have! ?? You are saying that I need to hunt it down?? But thank you for your reply–

  • MonroeOrange

    that is completely out of line..i have never said one racist comment on here, nor am i even in the slighest bit racist…you are way out of line…and should be banned from this site…HOMER? please address.

    Find one comment i have ever made that is racial…I SAID WHAT I MEANT….CROWDS…..too many people…CROWDS.

  • Mary

    @Mark – Please express your opinion without stooping to race-baiting. Brooklyn Heights is an historically tolerant community. It’s also more integrated than many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, something you’ve seemingly not noticed based on your post. It is crowds, noise, litter, and rude behavior that are at issue. No community can nor should tolerate this kind of contempt.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I guess some issues arose when fixing it and they had to push the date back.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    None of us work for the construction company so we don’t know.