R.I.P. Bob Guskind

Flickr photo by Flatbush Gardener

Flickr photo by Flatbush Gardener

Word has just reached us of the death of Robert “Bob” Guskind, pioneer Brooklyn blogger and publisher of Gowanus Lounge. He was a valued colleague and asset to the blogging community, and will be sorely missed.

Update: More details are available at The Brooklyn Paper.

Second update: OTBKB reports strong negative reaction in the blogging community to the Brooklyn Paper article linked above (also see comments on The Brooklyn Paper site, by following the “View discussion” link below the linked article).

Meanwhile, take a look at the spellbinding video Bob made recently in the company of fellow blogger Miss Heather, as posted on her blog.

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  • Homer Fink

    Bob was a true friend and fan of BHB. He was one of the first Brooklyn bloggers to link to and collaborate with us. Not only was he a stand up guy but he will be remembered as a true pioneer.

  • Rachel

    Please delink from the Brooklyn Papers article. It is shameful and offensive.

  • anon

    A truly wonderful guy. He was very helpful in holding LICH’s feet to the fire in fixing their park on Henry St. Only by posting the photos on Gowanus Lounge did LICH acknowledge the problems and fix some (but many remain).

  • http://briccommunitymedia.wordpress.com/ BRIC Community Media

    We were greatly saddened to learn about the recent passing of Bob Guskind. Mr. Guskind was a frequent guest for Brooklyn Independent Television, appearing on our REPORTER ROUNDTABLE show and as a contributor to our “A Walk Around the Blog” segment on BROOKLYN REVIEW.

    In remembrance, we’ve posted the segment Bob hosted for BROOKLYN REVIEW where he takes the viewer on a tour of Carroll Gardens and introduces them to Gowanus Lounge.


    Bob was a good friend to Brooklyn Independent Television and his presence in our community will be missed.

  • Loye Miller

    Thank you to those of you who posted this on the blog. I am an old friend of Bob’s and I will miss him dearly. We went through a lot of coming of age stuff together in the mid to late 70’s and I always counted him as my closet friend.

    Beyond being a top notch journalist and a man with deep community concerns he was also an incredibly gifted writer. I will do what I can to keep his work alive. To those in the blogging community I invite you to keep the spirit of his blogging efforts alive as well.

  • BklynBorn

    NY Post is reporting this morning on the apparent cause of death: http://tinyurl.com/ame8ko