TONY Raves on Jack the Horse

Time Out New York gives Jack the Horse Tavern [66 Hicks Street] a huge rave in this week’s edition:

Time Out New York: But the bar attracts a devoted clientele of its own; on a recent weekday night, there was no wait for a table, but barstools were at a premium. This is largely due to the precocious wizardry and attentive service of Jack’s boyish head bartender, Maxwell Britten, who shakes up the cocktail menu weekly… The atmosphere at the bar is convivial, and you’re as likely to get into a conversation with the stranger next to you as you are with Britten, who’s known to try out new concoctions on willing patrons. If he offers, let him do as he likes. His is a horse worth betting on.

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  • Publius

    JTH is good and I’m glad they are in the ‘hood.

    However for yupscale comfort food/drink, Buttermilk Channel kicks its ass, IMHO. And at a much lower price.

    mmmmm, duck meatloaf

  • Jesse

    This is really just a rave of Max and his bartending skills. They don’t say anything about the restaurant side of JtH, and they diss the nabe as a “wasteland”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was written by the same guy who included Max in his roundup of Brooklyn cocktail variations a few weeks ago.

    It’s great for Max to get his well-deserved publicity, but I’m always happier when places like this fly under the press’s radar. I’m just hoping JtH stays just like it is: quiet, local, and unpretentious.

  • AEB

    One gets into troubled waters very quickly when one criticizes food others have enjoyed, but my one visit to JtH was a major disappointment.

    As grandma used to say, the portions were small and the food was lousy. (There’s self-contradiction somewhere in there, I think.) The JtH portions were indeed small and the food, if not lousy, was wan/anemic in the manner of hotel grub.

    And the tab was brisk.

    Great looking spot, but…..

  • my2cents

    i concede to AEB that their portions can be small. But I have a small appetite! And I think their food is very good. I do wish it was a little easier on the wallet though.

  • Pierrepont

    I must add a hearty endorsement of both the food, and the excellent bartending. I have enjoyed many a dish there, and always find the seasonal adjustments and specials to be as thoughtful as they are tasty. True asset for the North Heights, in my opinion.

    As for Max, he is the real deal — a creative mixologist who gives the classics equal care. Truly, the only barkeep I’ve encountered anywhere in Brooklyn who is operating at this level.

  • Waste Land

    Unreal City,
    Under the brown fog of a winter dawn,
    A crowd flowed over Brooklyn Bridge, so many,
    I had not thought death had undone so many.

  • sliminthehieghts

    My main beef with JTH is that they don’t seem to acknowledge regulars. I’m not big on particulars, but hey, if I’m eating in your restaurant every week it might be nice if your host/wait staff took notice.

  • Jazz

    Slim – you’re high. They do talk to regulars.