Amazin’! The Press Loves BHB’s Heather Quinlan and Her Kickstarter Fueled ’86 Mets Documentary

As previously reported, our Heather Quinlan has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her latest project – a documentary on the 1986 World Champion New York Mets. And we’re kvelling over the amount of press (and love!) she’s getting. Check it out:

NY Daily News: “There are so many mixed perspectives from the time, and I’m learning so many things I didn’t know before,” said Quinlan, who made an earlier documentary, “If These Knishes Could Talk,” about the history of the New Yawk accent.

ESPN: Quinlan is seeking to raise $50,000 to assist in her project. She’s also working in conjunction with documentary production company 3 Roads Productions, and former “King of Queens” executive producer and “Family Ties” writer Michael Weithorn (a Yankees fan).

Quinlan, who is also a full-time technical writer for Merck, previously did an hour-long documentary on the history of the New York accent, titled “If These Knishes Could Talk” which is available for viewing at She’s aiming to have her Mets film done by 2016 — just in time for the 30th anniversary of their World Series winning season.“We’d thought one of our biggest risks would be getting the players to sit down for interviews, but so far we’ve been very successful!” Quinlan wrote. “The next step will be to work with the Mets organization and MLB to tell the ’86 Mets’ story with as much heart and soul as we put in to being fans.”

DNAinfo: So far, Quinlan has interviewed a number of former players from the team, including Kevin Mitchell, Lenny “Nails” Dykstra and Darryl Strawberry, who publicly struggled with alcohol and drug abuse at the time and is now a preacher in Missouri.

The film also features an interview with Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner, who famously let the ball roll right through his legs during Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

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