What You Need to Know About Watching Macy’s Fireworks from Brooklyn Bridge Park

They’re back! Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks have returned to the East River. Brooklyn Heights residents and many, many, many visitors will be checking out the show from the Promenade and close-up from Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you live near any streets leading to these areas check for No Parking signs (we spotted some on Cranberry Street this evening).

Here’s the full list (via Brooklyn Eagle):

• Joralemon Street from Furman Street to Court Street

• Montague Street from Hicks Street to Columbia Heights

• Columbia Heights from Remsen Street to Old Fulton Street

• Water Street from Main Street to Old Fulton Street

• Middagh Street from Cadman Plaza West to “Dead End”

• Cranberry Street from Columbia Heights to Hicks Street

• Vine Street from Columbia Heights to Hicks Street

• Cadman Plaza West from Tillary Street to Furman Street

The city is advising people to arrive 5pm to “snag” a good spot for the 9pm show.

Brooklyn Bridge Park posted their holiday schedule this afternoon:

Brooklyn Bridge Park will be open on July 4th. Please note the following:

Squibb Park and Bridge will be closed.
The Main Street section of the park will close at 4pm
Barbeques on Picnic Peninsula will be closed.
All playgrounds will close at 4pm.
The Pop-Up Pool will close at 4pm.
Pier 4 Beach will close at 4pm.
Jane’s Carousel will close at 6pm.
Volleyball courts will close at 4pm.
The Pier 2 sports courts will close at 4pm.
The Pier 5 sports fields will close at 4pm.
Chairs will not be allowed in the park.
Parking is extremely limited. Please use public transportation. See our Visitor Information page for subway, bus and ferry information.
To enter the park, please use the park’s main entrances at Old Fulton and Furman Streets or Atlantic Avenue and Furman Street.
Bags will be checked by NYPD at all entrances.

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  • Hicksanthorpe

    Homer- This is not what we need to know. We need to know why BBP feels they have to shut down most of the park. We need to know why they need to check bags. We need to know why they want to make this an impossible situation for residents.

  • Heights Observer

    After the Boston Marathon bombing, it should be fairly obvious why the police are checking bags.

  • Jorale-man

    Not to sound like a spoil-sport but I’m getting out of town. Too much chaos for me. That said, I’m sure it will be a great show, despite all the things mentioned above.

  • Brooklyn Heights

    When we didn’t have the fireworks, everyone complained. Now we have the fireworks and there are complaints. Yes, there will be some crowds – but so what? Just enjoy the moment.

  • Sam

    I, for one, am very excited to have the fireworks back. My only question is: with most of the park closed down, what areas of the park will be open for viewing the fireworks? Would love some input!

  • Frenchbull

    I, for one, am feeling very patriotic and excited. too bad we live in a world now where everything must be checked and buttoned up but, so be it.

  • Chubby Burkhardt

    Don’t forget the umbrella.

  • Daddyo

    Hours and regulations determined in consultation with NYPD. BBP “residents” are birds, squirrels, fish, lizards and insects. Should not be too troublesome for actual residents…:)

  • ujh

    Sam, from the description of what will close when and what the entrance points are it should be obvious the Pier 1 and Pier 6 will be the viewing areas in the park. Have you heard about common sense?

  • Sam

    Well I take it you trolling behind a computer and a cloak of anonymity makes you feel quite confident. Listen old man, it was just a question. Didn’t mean to offend you. Your caretaker should really take away your computer privileges.

  • gc

    Not so sure piers 2 and 5 are closed. Maybe just the sports portions?

  • Hicksanthrope

    BBP needs to be a little clearer about the areas that will be open. Wondering about Piers 2 and 5 myself.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    If you are wondering why they need to search bags, then you have not been watching any news lately and haven’t been going to any big events in the city. It’s standard these days pretty much.

    Shutting down some of the park for crowd control.

  • George Washington

    I’m guessing the Sports Courts and Soccer Fields will be closed because either 1) they want to avoid too many people competing for a limited asset or 2) there’s a question as to whether the piers could support a crowd that was wall to wall people covering the entire surface of the pier.

  • AnnOfOrange

    From the signs that are up – everywhere – it appears that there will be no parking on the street in Brooklyn Heights from 7/3 11 PM to 7/4 11 PM! More than just an inconvenience for people who live here and a lot to put up with for the pleasure of the return of the fireworks.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Oops! My mistake!! Some of the newer signs indicate FROZEN ZONE starting at 4 PM on 7/4. Same blue color as the no parking signs.

  • CookieGuggleman

    What does FROZEN ZONE mean?

  • AnnOfOrange

    No cars allowed to move in/from the posted area.

  • RemsenSt

    I tweeted BBP asking about piers 2/5… no response yet.

  • cool

    is it possible to watch the fireworks from cadmen plaza?

  • Andrew Porter

    Sure. And, honestly, you don’t have to be right underneath the fireworks to get a good view. They will explode high enough to clear the buildings in Manhattan and the Heights, so anywhere nearby that is not obscured by buildings or trees should be fine. Old Fulton Street itself shd be good viewing.

  • Colonel Sandurz

    Prepare the promenade for ludicrous speed! Fasten all seatbelts, seal all
    entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the three ring
    circus, secure all animals in the zoo!