What Has Some Brooklyn Heights Residents Upset Over 172 Montague Street?

The entryway cover of the new tower being built at 172 Montague Street has some residents concerned that it might be jutting out too far onto the sidewalk. Current construction staging looks to be creating an illusion of a larger structure than the renderings (photo) suggest.

Brooklyn Eagle: Replacing the Eamon Doran buildings–a pair of formerly-adjacent two-story structures that housed a bar and a gift cards store–the new development does not fall within either of the area’s landmarked districts, and even received additional air rights from the contiguous Remsen Street properties behind it, giving it the green light to shoot up into the sky. But protruding into the public sidewalk at its forefront is another matter, potentially blocking the flow of pedestrians in a crowded area…

…A local zoning map appears to list the property as falling under the Special Downtown Brooklyn District, which establishes special height and setback regulations that would presumably forbid the property from protruding as it now does. Those regulations include a requirement that many (but not all) properties be set back “10 feet from a ‘wide street’ line and at least 15 feet from a ‘narrow street’ line.”

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  • stuart

    The new building definitely projects out past the streetwall of the adjacent buildings. It appears that it will incorporate an arcade over the sidewalk. I’m not sure how it was able to get approvals for this non-contextural design but I suppose a high-priced land use attorney can work wonders in Brooklyn.

  • Andrew Porter

    The property line is actually further toward the street than many buildings here have taken advantage of, for instance the bank with shrubbery in front of it that’s nearer Court Street. I think that Garden of Eden’s sidewalk display is actually on the building’s property, otherwise they would have received tickets for this long ago.

    Meanwhile, active demolition is taking place on the three buildings on Remsen Street that will be replaced by another apt building. I noticed the windows of two of the small buildings are now gone, and there are dumpsters in front of the site.