Brooklyn Paper: Atlantic Avenue Shell Station Doomed

The Atlantic Avenue Shell station is likely to close soon reports the Brooklyn Paper:

B’Paper: A Manhattan developer dropped $7.75 million in April for the Atlantic Avenue lot at Henry Street, records show. The gas station is almost certainly destined to become luxury housing with ground-floor retail, a real estate expert said.

“It’s gonna be apartments and retail, what else?” said legendary real estate broker Chris Havens, speaking with a general knowledge of the neighborhood but no connection to the recent transaction.

So where can we all gas up now? Where do you go?

Note the original ANON did mention this in last week’s OTW, but we were too busy watching the World Cup to notice.

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  • mac

    Good riddance ! These guys were the worst, and complete ripoffs..ever since I took my car in for a NYS inspection and got a call that it needed $1200 of repairs (non existent problems) to get the sticker…I would prefer a decent station but glad they are gone.

  • Peter

    I’m with you 100% on that one.
    same thing happen to lots of Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill residents. I never once got gas there major crooks !

  • BrooklynBugle

    About a month ago we gassed up there and had them check the oil. They claimed we needed to flush the radiator. We ran away. Turns out they were half right. A real mechanic needed to about $800 in work. That would most likely have been 2K at this place.

  • anon the original

    this story was posted in the open thread of last week via the commercial observer.

  • BrooklynBugle

    AHA! Welcome back!

  • robertnill

    Couldn’t agree more. Had the same thing happen when I went in for an inspection. Needed new brakes – when I came to pick up the car and asked to see the old brakes, they had been “thrown away”. That was the last time I got my inspection there. For repairs, the guy at Sackett and Hicks does good work for reasonable prices. For gas, it’s down to Gowanus or (way) up Atlantic.

  • Strauss

    I never had anything but positive experiences there, fueling and inspections. It would never have occurred to me to actually have anything fixed there. For me, sad to see them leave.

  • johnny cakes

    The guy at Hicks and Sackett is great for repairs. For gas, try Hamilton Avenue below the Gowanus Expressway.

  • Pineapple Walk

    The same happened to me. When I challenged the owner, he yelled at me to get the hell off his property. I then went to another inspection station and they found no problems.

  • Alec

    best part about this station was free air for bikes! Can’t speak as to their car servicing… and the gas was ridic expensive. Use the GasBuddy App everyone.

  • B K

    yes because everybody has one of those phones & everybody has that phone with them at all times

  • TMS

    oh good! More luxury coops!

  • Mickey

    It’s amazing those crooks stayed in business as long as they did as a Triple-A approved station. After being ripped off by them one time, I avoided them like the plague after that. I never got my inspections there, nor my gas.

  • Name

    To my mind, the issue is not the quality of the gas station, but rather this will be the fourth simultaneous construction pit for luxury housing in a six block stretch of Atlantic Avenue: BB Park, LICH, Shell, and whatever is going up at Boerum Place. Where are the services to support this over-development?