Open Thread Wednesday 6/18/14

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • cg

    Does anyone know the exact location of the barges for the 4th of July fireworks? In previous years they had been set up right in front of the Promenade for a perfect show. Hope they haven’t decided to move them north of the bridges.

  • Jorale-man

    On the new Rite Aid store at Clinton & Joralemon: has anyone noticed how the workers are covering up the windows inside with drywall from almost floor to ceiling? It’s a shame that a storefront designed with such a big, open feel has to be walled over, presumably to make room for more shelf space.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Does anyone know if you can call shake shack to pick up? I hope so, I do the same with Patsies and Grimaldis…

  • neighboronhicks

    can anyone recommend a local optometrist?

  • Maggie O

    Yes! I did notice that… so is it for sure a Rite Aid?

  • JaneVI

    I think it’s a shame that Quest Diagnostics on Pierrepont Street was closed to make room for yet another apartment building.

  • cc

    Any suggestions for a good, nearby alternative to Quest?

  • Jorale-man

    That’s been the word on the street around the building. And the interior design has all of the hallmarks of a drug store (including the covered up windows).

  • ldny

    Insight Optical at 306 Court (@DeGraw) is well worth the walk into Cobble Hill. The Dr’s are great and Gil, the owner and optician, is a real gem. I’ve been a happy customer there for many years.

  • ldny

    There’s another Quest on Atlantic between Henry & Clinton, which has been there for 15+ years. Most of the Pierrepont staff seems to be there now. I just had some lab work done there last week and the girl who drew mine (all 11 vials!!) was from Pierrepont .

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I am wondering too. Hoping I can see them from our roof top.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    As far as I know, you can’t do this at any Shake Shack.

  • ldny

    The Madison Square Park Shake Shack used to accept phone-ahead orders for pickup. Not sure if they still do.

  • NYcorgi

    I believe between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and some will be set off on the Brooklyn bridge as well.

  • Name
  • Name

    OH NO! A place for people to live!

  • anon the original

    Oh noooooesssss!

    no ripoffs, but also no gas!

  • miriamcb

    The workers all confirm Rite-Aid…when they started work in our building, it was supposed to open in August. Not sure if it’s still on course for that opening date…

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I think they might. I seem to remember ordering in advance on 23rd street. Sure hope so as I am a block away!

  • Ann B Chapin

    Bio Reference is at 100 Clinton St in the basement. I have been using them for years.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Mark Steinman at Pearle Vision on Montague St is wonderful. He caught a problem with my eye a couple of years ago. I now need to see James Deutsch, an ophthalmologist on Remsen St.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Thank you very much for this. This may be a stupid question, but wonder how high they fire off.

  • e.p.c.
  • Andrew Porter

    They are covering the windows so the local slumdellers won’t be able to smash-and-grab products. Or maybe shoe-horning a large store into an inadequate space.

  • JayBee

    Call Shake Shack and ask them!