Watch Brooklyn Heights Blog’s Karl Junkersfeld be the First Customer at Shake Shack DUMBO

Our Karl Junkersfeld documents his adventure as the first customer at Shake Shack’s newest outlet – Old Fulton Street in DUMBO (oh OK, the Fulton Ferry Landing Historic District).

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    The Fulton Ferry Landing Historic District Shack (Oh Hell, DUMBO Shack) features all the Shack classics, plus a location-specific concrete that’s an homage to nearby Jane’s Carousel. The Caramel Carousel concrete features vanilla frozen custard, shattered sugar cone, sea salt, caramel sauce and banana.

    Another new concrete is the Brooklyn Pie Oh My which features vanilla frozen custard blended with a slice of fresh-made pie from Brooklyn’s own Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Pie flavors will change seasonally—kicking things off is Strawberry Balsamic.

  • TeddyNYC

    The tourists will own that place this summer.

  • johnny cakes

    Let’s hear a big Bronx cheer for them.

  • skb

    location specific “concrete”? Caramel Carousel “concrete”? I don’t get it. Help?

  • Jorale-man

    Great video! I love how the staff welcome Karl in. I may have to go check it out one of these days before the tourists arrive.

  • buzzy

    Congratulations, sir. Thank you for the review. You are a patriot and leader of men.

  • Andrew Porter

    I predict that the line waiting to get in here will collide with the line waiting to get into Grimaldi’s, resulting in an enormous explosion of trans-fats, blowing a hole in the space time continuum and ending all life on Earth. Or, at the very least, on Old Fulton Street. (But I could be wrong.)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    And, What the heck is a Concrete?


    A “Load” of Frozen Custard with mix ins.

    Blend for a Custard Treat so thick and creamy it can be served upside-down!


    Additions to the Custard

    You get the idea…..

    Shake Shack blends them with Custard for the super thick and super creamy treat called a CONCRETE!

  • Common Sense

    Have you ever visited another city or country? If you have then you know what that makes you – A TOURIST!

    Treat visitors to our city the same way you would want to be treated when you visit their city.

    Shame on you.

  • skb

    love it! thank you, Karl. will be seeking out some concrete in my very near future…..

  • ellymay878

    SO FUnny!!

  • johnny cakes

    Grow up. Shame on you.

  • GHB

    How many calories in one of those bad boys?

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Thanks, you just ruined my day. Holy cow, black and white shake 760 calories. Wow. Attached is a comprehensive caloric count on all their products:

  • Brixtony

    I will probably be the last customer to eat there, even though the dog is nudging me in that direction.

  • ujh

    johnny cakes, it’s you who should grow up and acquire some manners. Yes, shame on you, parochial hick.

  • johnny cakes

    Stay nice, Ursula.

  • David on Middagh

    Do you think he’ll become a regular, like Norm in Cheers, and have all the quips?

    Shake Shack customers: “Karl!”
    Shake Shack owner: “What’s shaking, buddy?”
    Karl: “My camera, guys—hit me with some homeopathy. Don’t bother to dilute it.”

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I agree. I hate how people here treat tourist, but then expect to be treated differently when they travel to other places.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Truth be told, Shake Shake is major hype. The burgers and fries are weak. The saving grace is the Peanut Butter Shake. You’ll thank me.

  • Peter Loibl

    Nice work Karl, thanks for sharing! I don’t understand the animosity toward Shake Shack (not on this thread, but in general) — the place simply has great burgers! My only critique: I miss the old fries … the new ones are soggy and boring, unlike the original crinkle fries. Bring them back (please)!