New Building at 172 Montague Street Starts to Rise

The Brooklyn Eagle observes that the new building at 172 Montague Street is starting to take shape:

Brooklyn Eagle: he new apartment tower at 172 Montague St. sprang up into plain view seemingly overnight after demurely hiding for several months. Bonjour Capital is building the 19-story Brooklyn Heights residential tower. When can we find out how much the rents are going to be?

And this is what it’s going to look like:

BHB Photo by Heather Quinlan

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  • bhres

    used to live at 180 and work at hallmark, briefly. wonder how they’ll handle the lot line windows? i suspect remove them and brick up. 180 is all transients/corporate apts so it won’t matter much, i guess. i still think the developer at 180 paid off someone at DOB – there are only 2 elevators for 30+ stories/10+ units per floor, and no freight lift. imagine the fun when they both broke down! and the poor oldsters living in the PHs couldn’t get down.

  • bongo23

    Man, that is one ugly facade.

  • David on Middagh

    Agreed. If those who were building it were going to live in it, they’d do better.

  • brooklynbull

    UGLY rendering – looks like a prison. Weird very noisy NIGHT-time, weekend work going on – do they have permits for this? Also wondering here about the lot-line windows – do those renters simply lose their views??

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I was at the hearing this morning — but Mary Frost, explains it all here:

  • Andrew Porter

    Yeah, they’re screwed.