SUNY Ends Negotiations With Top Bidder for LICH

NY1 reports that SUNY has ended negotiations with Brooklyn Health Partners, the bidder for Long Island College Hospital previously selected to take over and re-develop the LICH campus. BHP proposed to provide a full service 300 to 400 bed hospital on the site. SUNY says it rejected BHP’s offer yesterday, which was the deadline for the two parties to agree on a deal, because of serious doubts about BHP’s ability to go forward with its plans. SUNY will now negotiate with the second ranking bidder, Peebles Corporation, which, in partnership with North Shore-LIJ Health System, would provide a free standing emergency room, urgent care center, and other primary care medical and dental services, but not a full service hospital, at the site. The bulk of the property would be converted to residential use.

BHP had filed suit against SUNY last week, claiming SUNY had failed to negotiate in good faith. It dropped the suit in order to attempt to reach an agreement yesterday. BHP may now contemplate further legal action against SUNY, according to the NY1 article. The articla also quotes Jeff Strabone of the Cobble Hill Association as saying, “SUNY rigged the process” in order to give the nod to a real estate developer as opposed to a full service hospital operator.

Update: The Eagle reports that BHP is suing SUNY to stop them form negotiating with Peebles.

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  • Daddyo

    Um, duh…is this even remotely a surprise? Hope the new developer brings back Taco Bell — loved those discounts (free Chalupa with every ER visit!)…

  • AnnOfOrange

    Sounds like the St. Vincent’s Hospital scenario! With Stanley Brezenoff (former Continuum CEO) as DeBlasio’s health adviser, the mayor’s change of opinion is no surprise.

  • Andrew Porter

    The melodrama that keeps giving. More ups and downs than a roller coaster, though perhaps the screaming is similar.