SUNY Selects Full Service Hospital Proposal for LICH

Law 360 reports that, late Thursday afternoon, the trustees of SUNY agreed to accept the proposal of Brooklyn Health Partners to take over the Long Island College Hospital site. According to the report:

Brooklyn Health Partners, a newly formed entity led by a hospital developer based in California, plans to continue to operate the property as a full-service hospital with 300 to 400 beds, according to its proposal.

A more complete description of the proposal is in this Eagle article. SUNY and Brooklyn Health partners must now negotiate a contract for dale of the LICH property, which is to be completed by the end of next month.

According to Crain’s New York, SUNY’s decision to go with Brooklyn Health Partners is a snub to a local healthcare provider.

Brooklyn Hospital, which partnered with Mount Sinai Health System, Related Companies and Blue Wolf Capital, will likely be directly affected by a new 300-400 bed hospital at LICH, less than two miles away from the Fort Greene-based hospital’s location. Brooklyn Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Richard Becker said SUNY’s decision would not change his organization’s commitment to a healthier Brooklyn.

Our network of community-based services, coupled with our award-winning flagship hospital, will continue to make us the destination provider for high-quality healthcare in Brooklyn.

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  • Rick

    I’m happy, but still a little feeling a bit cautious. SUNY could sabotage the negotiations with Brooklyn Health Partners. And the odd fact that the #2 and #3 choices scored as they did makes me think the negotiations need to be watched very closely.

    And as important as it is for our community to have a hospital, it also needs to be a good hospital. And I guess it will take years for that to be determined.

    But this is such a big positive step ahead. And again, my gratitude to all who worked so hard to get us here.

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