Where Would You Tell a Friend on Jury Duty to Have Lunch in the Brooklyn Heights Area?

Picture this: A friend of yours is on jury duty in Downtown Brooklyn. They know you live in “tony” Brooklyn Heights and its “world famous” main drag, Montague Street. So, where can a guy or gal get a nice bite to eat in that hour or so “the man” gives you during jury duty?

What’s your advice? Comment away!

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  • RS

    Don’t know when you last ate there, but there has been a new chef there for over a year. That would explain the full house every day for lunch! Most people think it’s good, so I don’t know what your taste is for good Chinese food.Anyway, let others decide.

  • Steven A. Levine

    There are few places worth speaking of to eat on Montague St, but I have found Lichee Nut to be good Chinese Food and the Park Plaza is good diner fare.

  • guest

    Heights Falafel is wonderful. Tutt Cafe is great but a little on the slow side if you only have an hour.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m amazed by some of the comments here. You have an hour to get out of the courthouse, get something to eat, and get back. Henry’s End isn’t even open for lunch; so many of the other places are great for leisurely 2-hour lunches. I walk fast, but so many people on jury duty don’t, so they’re stuck with places within a few blocks of the court house—which is not necessarily the one at the foot of Montague Street. O course, topic drift means that so many comments here have totally forgotten the original question.

  • Slobodan

    Steamed Dumplings served with a side of ketchup anyone? That s my last meal there.

  • Eric

    Vegetarian Ginger on Montague/Henry has an amazing lunch special – $5.95 for a very creative and fresh plate of food with soup and rice

  • http://idealab.talkingpointsmemo.com/ Carl Franzen

    Another vote for Hanco’s. There’s also a Chipotle :-|

  • AnneeZ

    Iron Chef House on Clark St. Lunch specials around $10 include soup and salad. Japanese at its best.