Where Would You Tell a Friend on Jury Duty to Have Lunch in the Brooklyn Heights Area?

Picture this: A friend of yours is on jury duty in Downtown Brooklyn. They know you live in “tony” Brooklyn Heights and its “world famous” main drag, Montague Street. So, where can a guy or gal get a nice bite to eat in that hour or so “the man” gives you during jury duty?

What’s your advice? Comment away!

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  • AEB

    Great Wall. Of course. (Bring Chinese food.)

  • Monroe Place

    As a BKHeights Resident, it’s so disappointing to think of the lack of very good eateries we have in the neighborhood. Sure, there are places you can go for a good meal, but the better and more “foody” restaurants are in Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, and even Fort Greene!
    We need more Colonie-type “farm to table” and less mediocre Heights Cafe or dull-menu’d Jack The Horse which hasn’t altered its menu since Prohibition when they added their decent cocktail list.
    I will say, exceptions include: Henry’s End and River Deli, but that’s a small list for the 20+ restaurants in BKHeights.

  • TylerWM

    Hill Country Fried Chicken.. it is literally around the corner. I would avoid BK Heights. It’s too far to walk and you have much better options right next to the court house.

  • http://justbeyondthebend.com/ Joe Dudas

    Mile End, fo sho (no not in BK Heights, but your friend will be thankful!)

  • TheBear

    For Jury Duty people, Hill Country, Shake Shack, Lichee Nut, Grand Canyon, Fascati Pizza, Lantern Thai, and the vietnamese place on Montague,

  • Zorg_Montague


  • pinapplecran

    Could not agree more, I’ve lived in 2 of those hoods and the restaurant choice here is not even comparable. Love Brooklyn Heights for certain reasons but, I think it greatly lacks there.

  • Monty

    Tazza, Fascati, Hanco’s, Montague Bagel.

  • paul_cs

    Darna on court st is not too far and makes a great cobb salad, in addition to middle eastern stuff. You can do it in under an hour if you walk briskly.

    Hard to go wrong with Shake Shack and Hill Country, both the chicken and BBQ places. My favorite place on Montague is definitely Hanco’s, Teresa’s is also great but can be slow.

  • Zorg_Montague

    Yeah, I forgot that Teresa’s can be slow. I always have plenty of time when I’m there for dinner or brunch.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, Montague Street is a real exercise in frustration. It’s amazing how a fairly charming street can be such a culinary wasteland. I know it’s been rehashed over and over on this blog, but it still never ceases to amaze me how most of those places stay in business.

    Teresa’s and Hanco’s are a couple exceptions. Tazza on Henry isn’t that far from the courts. I often recommend Hill Country to jury duty folks, just given its proximity.

  • Lori

    Walk down into dumbo & grab sandwich at almondine

  • Strauss


  • Barbara

    Go to the Plaza Diner-convenient and decent food. Don’t need a better-but out of the way-place for lunch!!

  • CHatter

    My Little Pizzaria. Better than Fascati and closer to the courts

  • RS

    Fortune House on Henry Street-quick, inexpensive, good food, and right across the park from the Federal Court house and near the other courts.

  • The Oranges

    I’m a fan of Piz-zeta on Livingston. Or hit up the chili bar at Court Order, then eat in Columbus Park now that the weather is nice.

  • DIBS

    Iron Chef House has good lunch specials cheap, as does Fortune House.

  • Daddyo

    Hot dog stands on Montague & Clinton better bet for Jury Duty lunch than Henry’s End — especially since Henry’s End isn’t open for lunch (but still does provide free entree on birthday if you’re on snail mail list)…Don’t forget Popeye’s, McDonald’s and Pete’s — Jury Duty lunch needs to be fast and cheap, don’t forget…

  • hicksanthrope

    HANCO’S! of course. No other answer.

  • Hicks St Guy

    Fascati? I guess you don’t like your friend very much.

  • Solobodan

    Worst chinese restaurant ever

  • Slobodan

    Friends dont let friends eat in bklyn heights…..sad but true

  • David on Middagh

    The Halal falafel cart off Court Street, a few blocks south of Montague?

  • Andrew Porter

    I was actually on Grand Jury duty, for two weeks in March, at 320 Jay Street. I recommended numerous places on Jay and Metrotech to my fellow jurors, but also such places as Chipotle, Five Guys, Park Plaza Diner, and the diner at Clark and Henry, not so much for the food, but for the time it takes to order, get served, and eat, then have time to return to 320 Jay. I found that I could get home in 10 minutes, have a sandwich or soup, and go back in under the allotted hour.

  • johnny cakes

    Jerry’s hot dog stand on the corner of Montague and Clinton.

  • guest

    If the weather was nice, I’d tell the friend to walk over to Atlantic and pick up spanakopita or a mushroom-leek pastry from Sahadis or something similar from Damascus Pita. Better to get some exercise, even if it’s just a walk, in the middle of a long day of sitting.


    i second that ! SOUP TOO


    HEIGHTS FALAFEL or TUTT Cafe around the corner. Or get a sandwich at Lassen & Henning and eat on the promenade


    Damascus does a good falafel ( even if it’s messy to eat)