Open Thread Wednesday 4/16/14

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo of Flo’s Gardens windowbox ready to bloom : Mrs. Fink

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  • M on Willow

    Anyone else having rat issues in their building / apartment?

  • gc

    What were the fireworks for last night?

  • TMS

    I posted this on the article above this but it’s fitting for open thread too…
    I am not liking Bklyn Heights much anymore. Friday morning, drunken vomit across Henry. Saturday morning, prostitute hanging outside the A train entrance 5am, additional drunk girl spilling out of taxi cab and stumbling home. Saturday night you couldn’t move through the streets with all the tourists, bikes, tour buses, and just hordes of people. It is too developed and not the pleasant oasis I moved to 25 years ago. And it’ll get worse with all the new high rises coming in. Such a disappointment.

  • Banet

    The neighborhood has certainly changed. And I expect when the Bossert opens the hordes of tourists will be amplified that much more. :-/

    For what it’s worth, it’s always the worst during the first nice weekend of the year. After the tourists are diluted across the season. And by late fall they’re more or less gone again!

  • AEB

    Too developed? Really? Someone threw up in the street–and a hooker was working the A train at 5 AM? And a drunk girl in a taxi?

    Sounds like signs of life to me!

  • ellymay

    I think for Passover. I think it happened last year,too.

  • Moni

    What’s the best care service in the Heights area?

  • Moni

    Sorry to confuse: I meant CAR service

  • MonroeOrange

    promenade is good, but a bit overpriced. You should call an out of brooklyn heights car service…Evelyn Car service comes to the heights and have much better rates.

  • MonroeOrange

    While i don’t particularly care for all the tourists, every spring and summer, you should have been here prior to 25 years ago. There were alot more prostitutes and vomit and crime in the heights. You should have been here in the 70s or seen what the SRO St. George looked like in its prime. Or the Clark st station every morning…it wasn’t such a ‘pleasant oasis’ back then, so be careful what you wish for!

  • Ann B Chapin

    Eastern 718.499.6227/6263
    Arecibo 718.783.6465/3030
    The rates are good and they are reliable! I have been using Eastern for years!

  • AnnofOrange

    Try Arecibo (718-783-6465) and Eastern (718-499-7177)

  • MonroeOrange

    yes Eastern is a good out of neighborhood one as well.

  • Ann B Chapin

    I don’t think that the Eastern # is correct?

  • Abbey

    Can anyone recommend an upholster or furniture doctor?

  • gcarl

    While I welcome the return of the Heights Cafe after 6 weeks, I am disappointed at their new approach to food preparation, service and cost. On two recent occasions, I ordered two of their fish dishes (back in the old days they had a great chef for seafood), and I have to say, both times I was sorely disappointed. First, the presentation was dreadful and very poorly plated: two very small pieces of monkfish and three pieces of “jumbo” shrimp that were far from jumbo, swimming in a mound of some sauce for $27. Now, I don’t mind paying for good food (my favorite restaurant is Gotham), but this was far from good. The monkfish was overcooked and rubbery. There are excellent restaurants in this neighborhood (Sociale, Noodle Pudding, and Henry’s End), where the food is prime, and the prices are reasonable for the value you get. Unfortunately, the Heights Cafe has ceased to be one of them. They claim that their new chef has had experience at Henry’s End and Union Square cafe, but I doubt it was as a chef, from what I can see. My theory is that the Cafe owners are trying to cash in in expectation of the expected tourists and businessmen that will eventually occupy the new Bossert Hotel. Oh, and by the way, their new policy of no substitutions (a simple vegetable instead of potatoes) unless you agree to pay for an extra side dish is a bit posey. Far superior restaurants don’t do this. A sad return. My two different companions on those two occasions were also dissatisfied with their orders.

  • MonroeOrange

    I haven’t tried it yet…but it would be great to get a response from the owners as there seems to be alot of negative reviews of the renovated cafe…well owners?

  • gcarl

    New wallpaper and possibly new floors; can’t see why that took 6 weeks.

  • AnnofOrange

    Oops! Eastern = 718-499-6227

  • Ann B Chapin

    I am told that H&A Upholstery, who have ads in the Heights Press, are very good! 53 Pearl St, 718.855.9664. I have used Double Queue from LIC. 917.653.7028. They did repairs, upholstery and reconstruction on severl pieces for me. Please mention my name if you contact them! Thank you!

  • Teresa

    OK–edited to get the geography right. Parked my car on the north side of Pierrepont between Willow & Hicks on Sunday…strolled past it on Monday, and then again today…to find today that it had been moved to the other side of the street. On Monday there were no “No Parking” signs anywhere…any info, anyone? At first I thought I was being gaslighted when my car wasn’t where I was 100% certain I’d left it.

  • Bearcat

    I am a little confused, as Willow Street does not go through to Remsen (it stops at Pierrepont). If you mean Willow Place that also does not go through to Remsen (it starts at Joralemon). It would either have to be between Clinton and Henry or Hicks and Henry. How would it have been moved?

  • Teresa

    Oops, I was two blocks off. Pierrepont. Not sure how I got Remsen.

    I heard a rumor that some sort of utility/service work was being done on that block and they moved my car. Was wondering whether anyone knew anything about it.

  • AnnofOrange

    H&A in DUMBO are excellent. Have done several jobs for us and good at suggesting fabrics, reliable for appointments and on-time completion. They also make beautiful furniture — can replicate a favorite old piece.

  • AnnofOrange

    Pierrepont between Willow and Hicks was blocked by some kind of work this morning around 10:30 when I passed by and the crew was gone by 11:30. Not sure who/what it was as I wasn’t going in that direction. Hope that helps.

  • David on Middagh

    No—we’re all like family here. What’s going on over there? You want one of my guys to talk to one of your “issues”?

  • DIBS

    What’s wrong with Heights Limo on Henry next to Siggy’s? Too expensive???

  • Lady in the Heights

    We just went. The menu was better before. My husband had fish. It was overcooked and very small and served only with a few veggies and no starch. I went for the burger which is still very good. The reno was minimal – bathrooms, wallpaper, and new floor in the dining section. The bar area floor is the same. We keep going back, but we are always underwhelmed. It is close and spacious but over prices and lacks innovation. Meh.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I want to share the following with you — my acupuncturist of about 10 years is giving an acupressure workshop to improve the sleep patterns and increase overall wellness of babies!

    Jennifer T., my acupuncturist, is not only a gifted healer but a lovely, wonderful person who is a joy to know.

  • ltap917

    well back then people weren’t paying half a million dollars for a one bedroom apartment either