192 Columbia Heights Site of Norman Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights Writer’s Nest on the Block for $16 Million

Norman Mailer’s nautically themed apartment at 142 Columbia Heights is far more famous than the “writer’s nest” he kept down the street at number 192. This week, the entire brownstone went on the block for a potentially record setting $16 million.

Former Granite Broadcasting CEO Don Cornwell and his wife Saundra are the sellers. It’s co-brokered by Ellen Newman at Corcoran and Brooklyn Heights’ own Kevin Carberry, who sold the home to the Cornwells in 1995.

Update: As noted by commenter/Columbia Heights expert historian Lori in the comments below, this property is next door to the notorious/infamous number 194.

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  • Lori

    That’s a bit high, especially since you have an abandoned house next door to you, but you never know what people will pay.

  • BrooklynBugle

    I was going to mention that, but went out of character and didn’t. http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/17855

  • Richard L. Anderson

    The New York Times article on 192 Columbia Heights had a very serious omission; it failed to mention that this is a co-exclusive listing with Kevin J. Carberry Real Estate. Please note that Mr. Carberry sold this home to the Cornwells back in 1995 as well. We would appreciate your setting the record straight. Thanks!

  • Richard L. Anderson

    Thanks Homer for addressing the NY Times’ omission!

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    I’m confused – is this the Normal Mailer apartment building with the kooky not to code crow’s nest? Or a different building?

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s different. The other building, with the A-frame work space on the top, is three doors south of the Pineapple Street entrance to the Promenade.

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