Hipsters Flocking to #Smorgasburg Don’t Seem to Faze Joralemon Street Residents

Upon the arrival of the Floating Pool Lady in 2007, some Joralemon Street residents were upset about the sudden influx of shirtless and bikini clad newcomers to the area.

Now, 7 years later, the hipster food orgy known as Smorgasburg has moved in to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5. What appears to have changed is the attitude of Joralemon Street residents about the increased foot traffic.

…or are we missing something?

top photo via @WILSONKAT

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  • http://justbeyondthebend.com/ Joe Dudas

    As a Joralemon resident, it can get a touch loud, sure, but it’s only during the daylight hours…and further, it’s encouragement to get out and enjoy delicious food brought in from around the city [nearly] to my doorstep. Win!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Hipsters? Have you actually been down there? Sure, the Williamsburg location has a certain hipster vibe, but this one is mostly families and lots of children.

  • Princess

    My beloved and I strolled down to the chaos on Sunday, and the entire south end of the BBPark was PACKED like sardines…not just the food court. The sun was beating down, and the only shade was the umbrellas on the picnic tables over by the BBQ area, and those were all packed as well! We turned right around and went a bit back up the hill. SO much nicer at the Iris Cafe! I am glad the city is getting money from tourists, but am also glad that we don’t live on a street where the folks are streaming in throngs past homes. They need to rethink the food court a bit. Felt like an overbooked amusement parks on a really bad day.

  • ujh

    Yes, the entire southern end of the park, including all of Pier 6, was jam-packed on Sunday, a gorgeous day to ring in a belated Spring. Some people near the volleyball courts sported bad sunburns. Smorgasburg (like the PopUp Pool) is not a permanent installation and will continue only until park work begins on the upland portions of the respective piers.

  • Bluehairedcatlady

    Perhaps it’s the skin color of the hipsters?

  • TeddyNYC

    Yeah, it was mostly families and young professionals (or yuppies as they were called years ago). I spent a couple of hours at pier 1 last sunday and could count the number of hipsters I saw on one hand.

  • Jorale-man

    Last year, the novelty wore off by June and the crowds became much smaller as I recall. I just hope the city keeps up with the trash cans in the area. I noticed on Sunday that the ones on Joralemon were completely overflowing with trash and the “hipsters” kept adding to the piles next to them. I think a couple more cans are needed near Clinton Street especially.

  • Miracis

    Agreed. Granted I live in a rear unit but I’ll take a few extra people on an already crowded Joralemon to be near all that delicious food.