‘Girls’ Star and Future Star Wars Villain Adam Driver Moves Out of Brooklyn Heights

Sure, it may have stung a little more when Gabriel Byrne left the neighborhood but we’re sure millennials in the nabe are just a little sadder today as work comes that “Girls” star Adam Driver is bugging out of Brooklyn Heights:

New York Post: “Adam Driver is too big for the Heights!” sniffed a local, who saw moving vans arrive at the address where he lives with his wife, Joanne Tucker.
The busy actor will be spending a lot of time out of town after also being cast in Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” with Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield, as well as films by Noah Baumbach and Shawn Levy.
Driver had been living blocks from “Girls” creator Lena Dunham — whose character was, ironically, leaving him behind in Brooklyn in the show’s recent season finale.

Driver will also play a villain in JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars movie.

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  • cat

    Homer, you seem obsessed with Lena Dunham. Believe it or not, some of us could care less about Dunham and everything Girls. But lets keep hounding these people, maybe, like Adam Driver, you can drive them out of the Heights, too.

  • Jazz

    And this is the hill you want to die on madam?

  • Lori

    Not sad to see him go. Where had he been living in the heights?

  • Henry North

    Good! What makes BH great is it’s complete lack of “coolness” and hipster appeal. As a future old fogey I do not approve of celebrities and entertainers clogging our quiet streets. And Gabriel Byrne used to yap on his cell phone incessantly at Siggy’s, really obnoxious. Let ’em all move to Tribeca, where they belong.

  • Joe A

    Celebrities and entertainers are clogging our quiet streets? Really?

  • Don Furio

    Brooklyn Heights better off without Lena Dumpster and her trolls.

  • dude

    I live across the street from him. He’s still living in the Heights.

  • BrooklynBugle