Slan abhaile, Gabriel Byrne

09byrne-span-articleinlineThat sound you heard is thousands of Heights hearts breaking: The New York Times confirmed today that Gabriel Byrne is crossing the East River and settling in NoLITa: specifically, on Elizabeth St. So long, Mr. Byrne: you provided us with many wonderful sightings and blog posts. Come back and visit sometime.
[photo courtesy HBO]

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  • jorale-man

    Ah, too bad. I just saw him yesterday in Tazza on Henry St. and he looked quite content there. One wonders if he could enjoy that sort of anonymity in Nolita.

  • milton

    The apartment he bought in Manhattan is quite gorgeous, I saw the floorplans on Curbed. spacious, rational, and all on the same level. And no Brooklyn Bridge traffic on the way home from the theater.
    Manhattan is for celebrities. They are among the few who can live there like normal people.
    Read Jacob Riis. The more things change…..

  • Teddy

    Celebrities generally spend most of their time in Manhattan, working, socializing with their friends & colleagues (most of whom live there) so the inconvenience of living in Brooklyn can become a bigger issue over time than the celebrity originally expected it to be. However, I have a feeling he’ll miss the Heights.

  • Monty

    In other media news, James Weir Floral on Montague was just prominently on Law and Order about 5 minutes ago.

  • Heightsman

    Monty – so is Columbia Heights between Clark and Pierrepont. They use the same brownstone for almost every episode. You can see 1 Pierrepont in the background of every doorway shot.

  • x

    He will never run out of nice, expensive restaurants in lower Manhattan. Much more than what BH/CH can offer.

  • knowsitall

    Nolita is crawling with throngs of people over the weekends, I hope GB has a country getaway. I was just there Saturday afternoon, too many liquored up youngsters for my taste. That building is very exposed; he will have no privacy. My bet is that he sells in a couple of years, and if the economy stays on course, he should do quite well with the resale. It’s not bad for new construction, but it’s still kind of standard issue compared to an elegant old brownstone. Don’t think he’ll like it there. Chelsea would have been a better choice or even, gasp, the upper west side.

  • nancy

    He has no need to be in the Heights anymore. His son is in college and his daughter is graduating from St. Ann’s next year.

  • Joe

    My heart isn’t exactly breaking but he seemed like a low profile celeb. Usually saw him walking to Tazza or sitting at Tazza often wearing the same outfit for a few days. I mean he makes more sense as a BH resident than Bjork.

  • nabeguy

    Ah, so he was only here for the sake of the kids. Well, that makes sense. Now, get your party on GB! Although Nolita? I can’t think of an area more antithetical to the Heights in terms of its low-kenyness factor

  • brooklyn neighbor

    What a lovely man! Will surely miss seeing him. Caught him many times at Tazza as well. Seems he was very friendly with the owners. Yeh, dont know what he sees in Nolita

  • http://! magoo

    the poor guy must have left to get the hell away from all of you nosy yupsters!