Bjork DJs for Haiti


Flickr photo via TLC Blog

New neighbor Bjork played DJ Sunday night in Bushwick to help relief efforts in Haiti:

NY Times: ‘Bjork plays a parking garage’ sounds like a dreamy Michel Gondry video pitch, but this weekend, it was a sweaty reality. Above the Auto Parts is an accurately named space: literally above an auto parts store in Bushwick, Brooklyn, it is a parking garage for much of the week that’s lately doubled as a DIY club. Bjork liked it enough to DJ a show there on Sunday night, a benefit for the Haiti relief group Partners in Health.

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  • AEB

    No cockatoo beret?

  • Bdork

    She’s DJing all right, the same way I DJ on the subway with my iPod and headphones.

  • Heightsman

    I like the StarF*cking. Bring it on.

  • my2cents

    I love that DJ-ing helps relieve people in Haiti. Can someone explain the concept of benefit events to me? Why do rich people need to be entertained in order to donate money? Why not just donate the money and cut out the overhead??