LICH Update: Is SUNY Gaming Us? Will Cuomo Decide?

While we felt relief at Thursday’s announcement of SUNY’s decision to select Brooklyn Health Partners, which proposes to operate a full service hospital at Long Island College Hospital, as the preferred applicant to acquire LICH, we can’t be sure that all will turn out well. As BHB reader Rick said in his comment to the previous post:

I’m happy, but still a little feeling a bit cautious. SUNY could sabotage the negotiations with Brooklyn Health Partners. And the odd fact that the #2 and #3 choices [which do not provide for a full service hospital] scored as they did makes me think the negotiations need to be watched very closely.

Then there is this Crain’s New York Business story that describes the regulatory hurdles Brooklyn Health Partners must clear to operate a hospital at LICH. Most disturbingly, the Crain’s piece points out that, to receive expedited approval, which will be necessary given the short time before a deal with SUNY must be finalized, Brooklyn Health Partners must secure the cooperation of Governor Andrew Cuomo. It may even need action by the New York Legislature.

Could it be that SUNY is playing a cynical long game here?

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  • gbkm

    Scoring should be formally questioned now, not after BHP deal doesn’t work out & award is given to 2nd place proposal. Doubt SUNY has any intention of giving the award to BHP. It’s no coinicidence that Carl McCall’s friend Peebles & Cuomo’s campaign donors NYU are in the 2nd & 3rd place.

  • Johnny Cakes

    Agreed. Watch for the political greed. Let’s be careful out there.

  • Martin L Schneider

    The NYTimes’ thoro analysis yesterday of the winning bidder is not encouraging. It doesn’t seem likely that this guy Schexnydre is for real. Could be a house of cards.

  • Remsen St

    If you read the BHP proposal, it is rather easy to see for yourself that they are not real. The proposal to develop a new hospital is subject to the creation of a new non-profit with all funds to be raised by the non-profit… ie, it is a shell game and they are not putting any real money of their own into the hospital. Add to this the fact that nobody knows the owner, they have the same address as the Trindade proposal, and their “partner” Quorum seems to publicly indicate to the NY Times that there is no formal agreement, and it is clear that they are not a legitimate party. They basically just included the concept of a full svc hospital so their proposal could win while it looks like they have minimal capability to actually deliver one.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    The above statement was not written by me.

  • Ernie

    Interesting Daily News editorial “Take the Money and Run” in today’s paper. Very critical of Bklyn Health Partners.

  • gbkm

    This article states the money is already raised & Quorum says they have a memo of agreement with BHP.