84th Precinct Police Blotter – 3/28/14

Cars stolen, cash stolen, and I make friends with the police. It’s this week’s blotter.

On the heels of Homer’s report about a thug locksmith nabbed on Willow Street—I can indeed confirm that he was arrested, and he’s possibly tied to a string of burglaries in the 6th precinct. More on that as it develops.

Yesterday, while I was transcribing the reports, an officer was doing double-duty waxing the floors of the 8-4; I’m no Martha Stewart, but the floors are the least of the precinct’s decor issues. But he did a great job nonetheless, and told me he had a bone to pick with a man who works for the Beep and parks illegally in the bus lane in front of HQ. From the sounds of it, the parking dispute has now become personal. (Officer: “The guy who owns the car is from Williamsburg, and you know what that means.” Me: “He’s a hipster?”) I’m not going to weigh in either way, but I’ll just say if there’s a Chevy Tahoe parked in the bus lane on Joralemon by Borough Hall, it shouldn’t be there. Moving on …

A 1997 Toyota Camry was parked legally in front of 164 Water Street last Monday, but a man approached the owner anyway and asked what he was doing there. Before long the two were tussling, and the victim eventually ran for help. Unfortunately he left the keys in the ignition, so be on the lookout for a stolen 1997 Toyota Camry, lic# GLR-9752.

Also last Monday, an officer who was already at the 2/3 Borough Hall platform investigating a suspicious package came to the aid of a conductor who told him a passenger wouldn’t let go of the front car doors. When the A/O (arresting officer) approached the thug, he said, “I wil f*** you up if you try to take me out.” He then kicked the officer in the wrist before he was arrested.

Last Saturday on the s/b (southbound) D train, a 33-year-old man was woken by police for sleeping across several seats. When they tried to usher him off the train, he grabbed hold of the pole before punching one of the officers in the chest. Once the perp was put in the police car, he rammed his head into the rear window and broke the glass. Officers later recovered a switchblade in his waistband.

It was at this point when the officer waxing the floors told me that one of the detectives from the Financial Crimes would be coming by with literature on protecting yourself from identity theft. I know I protect myself by keeping my Facebook page open to whomever wants to read it. Sure enough, a detective gave me pamphlets called “Deter Detect Defend” and “ID Theft: What’s It All About?” I only had my Knishes business card to give in return, but perhaps he might enjoy a copy. I will post brochure content soon, as I should probably take a page from it myself.

Another vehicle was stolen in the area, this time a 2003 silver Honda Accord from in front of 200 Livingston Street on March 12th.

A woman was begging at Gold and Sands Streets at around 3 a.m. on March 20th. When a man reached in his pocket to give her some change, she reached into his pocket and stole his iPod. The woman was later arrested carrying a pipe with crack residue. She had also been arrested in January for stealing $20 from a victim on Flushing Ave and N Elliott Place.

A unknown woman going by the ironic alias “Charity” illegally cashed checks from the bank account of Wing Stop totaling $6,967.25.

Finally, a 23-year old woman went berserk in the courthouse on 141 Livingston Street last Tuesday by screaming profanities and punching an officer. A lot of violence against the police this week. To quote Sgt. Esterhaus, “Let’s be careful out there.” And that’s this week’s blotter.

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