Open Thread Wednesday 3/12/14

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  • Andrew Porter

    On Tuesday I saw water leaking from a small valve on the sidewalk in front of 129 Hicks Street (about a gallon a minute), and reported it to 311. It’s complaint #C-1-1-946924861; they promised to investigate it in no more than 16 hours.


  • Teresa

    Called the newly opened River Cafe in January to make a reservation for a party of 10-12 for my parents’ 50th anniversary in May. Was told that someone would call me back to confirm.

    Weeks later, I was called and told that my reservation wouldn’t be taken because a party of that size wouldn’t suitable for the “intimate nature” of the dining room. I was also told that the restaurant will seldom take a reservation even of six; it prefers parties of four or fewer.

    Perhaps considerately, the restaurant called again several weeks later, reiterating its denial of my reservation.

    My family and I have spent several lovely Christmas Eves at the River Cafe, and I’m glad that it has recovered from the damage it sustained. But this policy, along with the way peremptory, condescending tone in which my request was dealt with, probably means that I won’t be heading down to raise a glass to its re-birth.

  • Still Here

    Surprisingly, last week I noticed that our favorite vacation spot in Puerto Vallarta, Casa Tres VIidas, was advertizing on the BHB – Its a great place for 4 -12 people and very affordable in the off season. Planning our 7th trip.

  • LTindaBH

    It’s being taken care of… the cause is a pinhole leak in a pipe leading to the water main.

  • Running after dark

    What was up with the police presence in Brooklyn Bridge Park and on the Promenade yesterday evening?

  • gc

    Obama flew into and out of the Wall St Heliport last evening.

  • Eddyde

    I reminds me of an incident that occurred when I was a teenager.

    I was on the pier across from the River Cafe, taking some photos for a high school photography assignment. Suddenly, I was encircled by a pack of German Shepard Puppies (about 6 months old) that had come from the music barge. One of the pups gave me a nasty bite on the back of my calf. I was bleeding pretty bad so I went over to the River Cafe for some help. I politely explained my situation and asked the hostess to could use the bathroom to clean my wound, she refused, saying “the restrooms were for customers only” and they were not yet open! (it was about 10 am) There wasn’t any other bathroom within at least a half mile being It was around 1979 or 80 and there wasn’t any other businesses in the area. I plead that i needed to clean the wound as soon as possible, she threatened to call the cops if I didn’t leave. I was heading to the door when a man appeared and upon hearing the situation offered me to wash up at the spigot outside, he brought me some pager towels and a bar of soap.

    While they sort of did the right thing in the end, I never forgot the snooty arrogance of the place. I have never given them any business.

  • Alec

    Has anyone tried Gallitos yet?

  • ClaudeScales

    Yes, had dinner there three times. Food and service both excellent, though you can wait a bit at peak times when lots of orders hit the small kitchen. Prices are reasonable–my wife and I have had three of their substantial tacos each, a shared plate of rice and refried beans (plenty for two), and a Mexican beer each, and paid about $45, tax and tip included.

  • Allie

    Hi Gals – Please recommend a particular person at a nail salon that does good quality gel nails at a good price? I haven’t had good experiences for gel nails at Dashing Diva on Montegue or Heights Nails on Henry. I have been traveling to a great nail technician in Greenpoint, but it’s just too far. Surely, there is someone in the Heights.

  • Lady in the Heights

    It’s terrific. Great food and very kind, sweet servers. Please go! We need to support them.

  • Doublebara

    Try Elena at Studio Fryzura at 78 Clark St. The name of the salon might have changed. 718 522 1222

  • Loscalzo

    Another installment of Tim Sommer’s Remarkable Information has been posted over at the Brooklyn Bugle. Best one yet.

  • Andrew Porter

    That ad was probably from Google or your search engine, which uses data generated by your searches to customize what you see. I didn’t see any such ads here.

  • AnnofOrange

    Second what others say about Gallitos and add that their take out is very good.

  • Jorale-man

    Is it me or has progress on Brooklyn Bridge Park really ground to a halt this winter? I realize the cold and snow surely doesn’t make it easy to work out along the water but I still see a lot of workers out there doing something – but what, I’m not sure. Pier 6 was supposed to start in January and no signs of any construction yet. I hope things can start to pick up again when spring arrives.

  • Still Here

    DUHHHHHH! Yes, of course ——the brain police again. Re-read 1984 and Google, WIKIpedia, and Facebook kept coming to mind.

  • neighboronhicks

    native texan here, so i’m picky with my mexican food. we love it and have been back several times with different groups with a variety of dietary constraints. all were wonderful experiences. the nachos were super delicious recently.

  • mykelde

    does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the new vet’s office on Cranberry St.

  • Allie

    So strange. I get my haircut there (Sam – terrific) and was there today and spoke to Elena. She does not do gel nails though, so I am still looking. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • gatornyc

    It’s really difficult to get construction work done during winter, especially a brutal one like we’ve had. Work will really pick up once the weather improves.

  • Pepper

    I think Apple Spa on Atlantic, just off of Smith, is terrific.

  • TMS

    don’t know about this vet but if you are in the market for one I highly recommend ONE LOVE vet on atlantic. Been to a lot of vets in my life, and these guys are exceptional.

  • spages

    brunch is great! get the huevos rancheros!

  • mykelde

    Thanks, TMS. I looked at their website & will keep them in mind.

  • Teresa

    I asked the same question on an open thread recently and got a very favorable response.

  • lauren

    I’ve been taking my kitten to Hope Vet (390 Atlantic Ave.) and have been pleased with her care.

  • lauren

    Can anyone recommend a good cleaning person? Thanks!

  • Ann B Chapin

    THE only place is Samoa Nails on Montague St.
    They were the first in this neighborhood and, thanks to loyals, they remain here and are the best! Speaking of loyal, I have been going there since 1986!! Bonnie is the owner and all of her ladies are exceptional!
    I have gel nails on a regular basis and they last for over 2 weeks at least. Great prices as well!
    Please tell Bonnie I sent you! (NO I do not get a price break-just want her to know I am thinking of her) Do trust me on this one! :-D

  • Ann B Chapin

    They are located above Grand Canyon and next door to Custom House. Forgot the building # but the phone is 718.802.9353–CALL!