A Tree Dies in Brooklyn

A truck took out a tree on Henry Street today. No people were injured, but the poor tree was not so lucky. From the photo you can see where contact was made on the upper right-hand corner of the truck and the side mirror.

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  • ClaudeScales

    Obviously, not a good day for trucks (or the poor tree) in the Heights. At least the one I was following did no damage that I could see, other than holding up traffic.

  • A Neighbor

    Not sure who should do this — or if someone got contact info, but we should formally request that the company pay to have a new tree planted. I’m assuming their insurance covers damages.

  • Andrew Porter

    A tree was cut down the same day in front of 129 Hicks. There was sawdust all over the snowbanks there.

    One of the things that gives the Heights its cooler-than-Manhattan micro-climate is all the trees here. But we’ve lost a lot of them in recent years, esp. from Sandy. I contribute a little extra on my BHA membership renewal every year to fund tree work and replacement in BH. Perhaps the BHA or other agencies should make a concerted effort to replace all the lost trees this year.