Atlantic Avenue’s Chez Moi Welcomes Willy Ono As New Exec Chef And Now Serving Brunch Earlier

This dispatch just in from Chez Moi’s Patricia Ageheim as the eatery enters a new era under Executive Chef Willy Ono. If Ono’s Instagram feed is any indication, Brooklyn Heights is in for some eye popping cuisine:

We have had many requests to open earlier for brunch, finally we are able to accommodate! We will be serving brunch from 10am on Saturdays and Sundays instead of 11am as of tomorrow [2/8].
We are also excited to introduce Chef Willy Ono who after spending time in Europe working at iconic restaurants like Noma (named as best restaurant in the world 2010,11,12) and Mugaritz, went to the Big Sur as a Sous Chef at Sierra Mar. Now back in New York we are pleased to have him as our new Exectutive Chef. He has already made some popular additions to or menu, such as the roasted chicken with hay smoked sunchokes. More exciting specials to come!

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  • ellymay878

    Neighbors, have any of you eaten there? How was food and service?

  • Moni

    Have never eaten there because the menu seems so meager. It started off with boulliabaisse as an entree, but that disappeared from the menu before I even got a chance to try it. I so miss the old Bouilliabasse Restaurant, which we used to frequent often, and whose second ownwer as an even better chef than its first.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Their menu has changed with new chef and is much more extensive with many fish selections. I had the chicken and it was very good. Also went for brunch yesterday and it was packed.

    As an added note, their $1 oysters on weekdays after 4 are a real deal with a brew.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Their site has an updated menu:

  • Henry North

    That’s very good news. We ate there shortly after they opened, and found the food to be indifferent. Not terrible, but prepared with no heart or great skill. The cocktails were outright bad, and the bartender clearly inexperienced. I hope this portends an improvement, since it’s a very nice space.

  • DIBS

    As long as the skate and steak tartare don’t change I will be happy. Plenty of VERY good roast chicken around….Jack The Horse and Sociale, even Bevacco (if it’s still the same)

  • Henry North

    Neil Ganic (who opened Bouillabaisse) now has Petit Crevette, on Hicks in Carroll Gardens. He hasn’t lost his touch.