Is Everything Awesome At The UA Court Street Theater?

Back in 2008, we wrote about the veritable sh*tshow that was the UA Court Street theater. Judging from our last two Saturdays there, some things have changed for the better. The theater appears to be cleaner and better maintained and there weren’t any issues with audio or projection at our screenings.

However, when Toddler Fink and I arrived for the SUPER AWESOME 10:50AM showing of The Lego Movie today (at a civilized 30 minutes before showtime) we were forced to wait out in the cold with about 30 other moviegoers as the staff inside moved at a glacial pace to open for business.

What do you think? Have things gotten better at this theater? Worse? Have you given up? Comment away!

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  • EJ

    I took the kid to a noon o’clock screening on Wednesday – a very accommodating popcorn lady offered to turn the volume down for us.
    It was my first time there in years, will likely be back (at least for mid-day/mid-week movies).

  • Jorale-man

    I gave up 3 years ago, after a really bad experience where literally half the theater was either talking loudly or texting on their phones during “The King’s Speech.” This report doesn’t inspire me to give it another try.

  • troy

    I avoid this theater at all costs as a few painful experiences taught me it attracts the kind of low-class ghetto moviegoers that talk and text all through the movie and that make ridiculous comments loudly and rudely.

  • Montague Street Dad

    I go about once a month (including to the Frozen Singalong yesterday at 11am) and it generally works. Good place to watch an action movie when you want the audience talking back at the screen. Strollers guaranteed even in 10pm showings. Bad place to watch English period dramas. However most of the people buying popcorn either give up in frustration at the slow service or msis the first 7 minutes of their movie. Why they don’t improve that still baffles me.

  • Unhappy Film Lover

    I love the location of this theatre, but I agree that it is very poorly managed. There are never enough people in the box office, so you have to wait a crazy long time to buy tickets. On a recent visit, both the elevator and several escalators were not working, which meant my aged Dad and I had to ask for a refund (which took an eternity) and go home. The chain needs to put in an experienced manager ASAP. I won’t be going back anytime soon — instead our family will be going into Manhattan to get the “big screen” experience.

  • Mike Hancho (Willowtown Res)

    One of the worst theaters I’ve been too. The entrance is smashed together so that the lines for the box office, electronic ticket machines and the to get your ticket torn all converge at one door and it turns into the BQE during rush hour just to get into the damn place. The concession stands are run by sloths and every showing comes with commentary. On the other hand you don’t have to sneak food or drinks in, as I’ve walked in holding a burrito and 24oz soda in my arms on several occasions.

  • brucefan

    The only movies theatres I will go to in this neighborhood are the Heights twin and the cobble hill.

    The UA theatre is horrible. Will not be going there any time soon

  • Alec

    Troy on the money. What a $hi^hol3 of a theater.

  • ColumbiaHeightster


  • Eddyde

    The Ghettoplex

  • PierrepontSkin

    A lot of use of the word “ghetto” here. Is this movie theater in Nazi Germany now? Or are you all just that ignorant?

  • David on Middagh

    You made me look up the “ghetto” etymology. I hadn’t known the pre-Nazi origin:

    “Italian, from Venetian dialect ghèto island where Jews were forced to live. Literally, foundry (located on the island). From ghetàr to cast, from Latin jactare to throw.”


  • Eddyde

    How does using the word ghetto, make me ‘ignorant”?

  • Jorale-man

    I generally think of the word ghetto as meaning simply, “bad neighborhood.” If that’s how it’s intended here, then it is used accurately (the theater being the neighborhood, not the streets to the west of it).

  • Fritz

    Troy – I call racist on you.

  • Fritz

    I didn’t like the place a couple years ago because of talking back to the screen (No Country for Old Men). Last two times recently there was ok decorum and no rowdyness. I will now go back for a movie I might have gone to BAM or into NYC.

  • Eddyde

    Uh oh, It’s the PC cop, blow’n hot air through his whistle. Time for a reality check Fritz. Go see a Hollywood blockbuster movie at the UA Court St (AKA Ghettoplex) on a Saturday night. Then get back to us and describe the experience. I double dare you.