This Brooklyn Heights Resident’s Revelation Will Have You Thinking About Film Shoots In A Whole New Way

A Brooklyn Heights resident posts this revelation about leaving their car in the “No Parking” zone during a film shoot.

ExcessiveHonkers: Production crews post “No Parking” signs in advance of their shoots, stating the date and time residents must move their cars. For three years, I obediently moved my car. Then, one momentous night this past fall, I chose not to abide. I’d been circling the neighborhood for 30 minutes, and my gas light was on. I kept passing a street that was taunting me with “open” spots. A movie starring Dustin Hoffman was scheduled to shoot the following morning. With all due respect to the co-star of Little Fockers, I parked in the restricted area.

I felt momentary relief, followed by a sleepless night filled with dread. I’ve had my car towed for other reasons, and I’ve spent entire days and paychecks retrieving it from the impound lot. According to the signs posted by the film crew, my car would be relocated to the nearest available parking spot. It sounded too good to be true. I pictured Dustin & the crew mocking my 2003 Toyota Corolla, and then mercifully dumping it in the East River.

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  • Martin L Schneider

    Making good Samaritans out of production crews who are using our streets and curbs for private, money-making ventures and thus saving bundles of cash is not the way to go.

    The Heights should long-ago have been declared a hot zone for such exploitation.

    The City should immediately begin to crack down on the licensing of these multi-million dollar operations which interfere with the peaceful use of our property and its neighborhood.

  • Teresa

    I must say that I’ve been tempted to do the same on a number of occasions, but I’ve always chickened out. Wonder whether I’ll be brave enough next time.

  • AEB

    My small bit of power-to-the-people resistance: when asked on more than one occasion by a crew member of a movie shooting near my apartment building if I’d wait to proceed to get home, I’ve said no, and walked on.

    And it works. Everything but me pauses.

  • Henrystreeter

    So you are just lazy then? I can’t wait till one day they actually damage your car and then I’m sure you will have nerve to complian about that too. Stop whining. The spends by these film crews keep our city tax coffers full and pay for a myriad of other things I’m sure you happily enjoy. Go find a spot or spend the $20 for overnight parking.

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    I have mixed feelings.

    On one hand, I appreciate film crews and the jobs and revenue they bring to the city. The good ones are very professional and respectful of the neighborhood and people.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen them violate property lines, trespass, and threaten property owners who dare to stand up for their property.

    I wish the city did a better job of separating the good ones from the bad ones.

  • Eddyde

    I wouldn’t want those monkeys touching my car.

  • ellymay878

    When I lived in Greenpoint , Brooklyn, another magnet for film crews, I forgot to move my car and they parked it a few blocks away and nothing bad happened. SO, I guess that is the norm.

  • MonroeOrange

    Its interesting that since the BHB posted the helpful information, that your car will not be towed unless the sign says “towed”, all of the film shoots have issued “Towed” signs since then, not just the “no parking” signs, in which they don’t tow you. Coincidence? or are they reading this blog too!

    And just an FYI…from someone who has had their car towed, decades ago, before the BBP was there, they towed my car to Furman street and i couldn’t find it for weeks, so they left it on then desolate Furman street with a sign to not ticket…and more recently they towed it to in front of the library and left the car sticking out into traffic! so best to move your car on your own, bc they really have no regard for where or how they move your car. (both of these incidents happened with not enough notice to move your car).

  • Fritz

    Refuting another argument by the spoilsports and buzzkillers who oppose filming. Get rid of the filming limitations!

  • Fritz

    Martin, which private property are you talking about? The street is not private property, and car owners park for free.

  • Fritz

    AEB, what’s your point? Mess up a film shoot so as not to walk across the street? My heart bleeds.

  • Fritz

    Is “monkey” a hidden racial or classist slur? I recognize that people who work in Queens or Staten Island have a legitimate reason to have a car. Otherwise, you are taking up public space and polluting the air.

  • Eddyde

    Sorry to bust your “PC cop” bubble. My comment simply means I don’t want; heavy-handed, inattentive, callous, film crews, handling my car. How on earth you figured that to be “racial or classist” mean those connotations must exist in your head, not mine.

    Who are you to judge the legitimacy of why I or anyone owns a car, in this or any other neighborhood?