Brooklyn Bread Express Comes to Clark St Station

Brooklyn Bread Express has finally lifted its shutters at the Clark St station, taking over the space formerly occupied by NYC Sliders (and before that Fresh Café Bar). For a small space, this offshoot of the Carroll Gardens eatery offers a wide selection of bagels, from your everything to your whole wheat everything to chocolate and French toast. And about the bagels, owner Dimitri Bayless said, “These are brick oven bagels, not boiled, so they’re less doughy.” I spoke to Dimitri while enjoying one of the brick-oven bagels (and really good coffee) from the shoe shine chairs across the way. He told me, “We’re testing out how a satellite store will work. If this goes well we’ll open a few more. As you can see there’s a lot of foot traffic here, so we’re optimistic.”  And indeed, even for 9ish on a Saturday morning there were plenty of back-and-forths from the 2/3. In addition to bagels, there were muffins, pastries and sandwiches made to order. “People seem to really like the food so far,” said Dimitri, “but we really want to hear what people have to say.” So have a bite, why not? Also you can check them out on Instagram.

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  • Andrew Porter

    I’m looking for a good source of seeded rye bread, ever since Lassen & Hennigs mostly phased out offerings from Orwasher’s Bakery.

  • Lydia M. Gordon

    It would be helpful to know what the hours of operation are.

  • DIBS

    Only real bread they have is an Italian baguette, which is weird cuz there’s really no such thing.

    I’ve been told that the bagels at the other location are awful but I bought the baguette and it was fine, especially the crust but, as we all know, baguettes are french.

  • DIBS

    Maybe call and ask or stop by.

  • GHB

    Andrew, I found seeded rye at Whole Foods in Tribeca

  • DIBS

    If you’re really craving that baloney on seeded rye, Gristede’s sells some local brand of Jewish rye, both seeded and not. it’s not always in stock and no, it’s not like a fresh loaf but it’s passible…in the bread section with the bagged breads

  • Poplar

    I’ve been obsessed with their bagels and trekking to the Carroll Gardens location for years. However, it must be noted they really bear almost no relation to regular bagels, they are really more like a round brick oven baked bread. Still delicious with cream cheese though!

  • Martin L Schneider

    I was very skeptical about their claim to have a brick-oven baked “bagel.” Well, call it whatever, it is in the shape of a bagel. But, essentially, it is a totally delicious, tender, chewy, crispy roll. It is also large and lends itself to sharing at home. And, like any really tasty roll, it is a great carrier for all sorts of things…. cream cheese, butter, jam, smoked salmon, and so on. Perfect for a mid-morning pick me up.
    Welcome to our shabby subway entrance. And good luck.

  • Andrew Porter

    Technically, they have seeded rye at Key, Gristede’s, lots of other places. They don’t hold a candle to the seeded rye bread at Zaro’s in Grand Central or Penn Station, or Orwasher’s Bakery on the Upper East Side. If I wanted to pay the subway surcharge, all of Manhattan is open to me, and I have in fact gone to Penn Station for the sole purpose of buying bread there.

    However, I’m looking here in the Heights, where the only cost is a bit of shoe leather. There is often fairly good seeded rye at Garden of Eden, but their DOH ratings leave much to be desired.