The New Yorker Notices Cobble Hill’s Long Island Bar

Read about it on Cobble Hill Blog.

Thanks to BHB reader SPM for the tip.

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  • Chubby Burkhardt

    I have been in the place twice and they have done a good job with the place. However, I don’t like the fact that I pay $7 for a glass of beer and it is a milk glass size of beer. Every other bar in the neighborhood is going to give me a pint of beer for the same price. For that reason I don’t really frequent the place.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yeah the Heights Cafe does the same thing, pathetic.

    Another annoying trend amongst pseudo-fancy bar/restaurants is the extra charge to make a Martini. the check will say X Alcohol $10 them make Martini $2, as if it is some kind of justification for charging $12 for a drink or maybe it will seem cheaper if its broken down. I’d rather a bar just charge the full price and stop with the sneaky nonsense.

  • TeddyNYC

    They probably would have to close if they didn’t do that.

  • Arch Stanton

    Doubtful, the owner, owns the building. The bar was family operated for over 60 years, recently they entered in a contract with a couple of bartenders to run it for them

  • Heightslifer

    I can’t wait to go. I met the new owner and suggested to him that they should have some food on occasion.

  • malanga_es_malanga

    Arch, there is nothing sneaky about the pricing on a Martini.

    If you order X Alcohol, you will receive 2oz of booze in a glass. If you order a Martini made with the same X Alcohol, you receive around 3oz of booze (plus vermouth, stirred, and with a garnish).

    2oz = $10. 3oz = $12. Why are you complaining?

  • Boerum Bill

    First of all, the Heights Cafe is terrible across the board! Bars & restaurants upcharge martinis because there’s more alcohol in them. Nothing sneaky about it. Looking forward to visiting the LIR bar!

  • Arch Stanton

    To clarify; I am not complaining about the overall price, just that it should be listed on the check as one price, not broken out into ingredients and labor. There is no explanation for this as i is not done for any other drink, that I know of. By the way, it never says X Alcohol $10 + Extra Alcohol for Martini $2, It says Make Martini $2. What is the reasoning behind this? It comes off as they are trying to say making a martini is so much more labor than any other drink, it’s justified an extra charge. Sure a Martini may be slightly more work then say a rum and coke but it isn’t more than a proper Margarita… What’s next: Pint of Guinness $6 Tap pint $2..?

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh, I agree the Heights Cafe is terrible, hence, I almost never go there.

    Hey, I know Martinis have more Alcohol I am not complaining they cost more, see my response to “malanga_es_malanga” below.

  • OldTimer

    if you are talking about the Long Island Bar, your information is incorrect. And so are most of the other articles out there which state it was a diner/greasey spoon (which it never was) or that they served tortas (which they never did).

  • Arch Stanton

    You say my information is “incorrect” yet you don’t offer what is the “correct” story, at least in your opinion.

  • OldTimer

    The original owners have nothing to do with the bar anymore. The new bar is simply a tenant just like the doctor and dentist office.

  • Arch Stanton

    Perhaps, However, I heard otherwise from a member of that family, so who knows…

  • OldTimer

    Emma knows. This is why we should only believe half of what we see and none of what we hear :-)