Spicy Pickle For Rent


BHB Photo by Sarah Portlock

The Spicy Pickle on Montague Street abruptly closed on Friday.  On Saturday, a For Rent sign was already in the window of the location.

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  • anon

    I hate to say it but I think a McDonald’s or another very well known franchise would do pretty well there. It’s better than an empty storefront.

  • anon

    I wouldn’t mind a Wendy’s there.

  • Leefamsince WWII

    How about an Internet Cafe? There are NONE in the whole downtown area!

  • Heights Blog Master

    Are you serious Anon? That would be the worst thing for this area, I hope thats a joke.

  • anon

    Er, have you tried the new McFlurry?

  • Anonymous

    I am rooting for a brothel.

  • http://www.anon.com anon@aol.com

    Burger King was on Montague (the current Banana Republic).

    I think a brothel is the best idea I’ve heard. We could also use one on Court or Smith St., too :).

    Perhaps Party Marty Markowitz will give us some seed money for that project (and yes, the pun was intended).

  • yo


  • driggs

    Given the coming depression; I think a dive bar is long overdue. I mean its been almost 10 years since Montague had anything like that

  • jiker

    internet cafe would be perfect!