One Word…Plastics


Recent high winds have left the otherwise bare branches of many Heights trees festooned with plastic bags and other trash blown out of trash cans or off the ground. An especially large example can be seen streaming from this tree adjacent to the southern end of the Promenade, at the foot of Remsen Street.

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  • AEB

    Yes, and a bright orange plastic bag has been cunningly threaded by the wind into a tree, at second-story height, on Hicks between Cranberry and Middagh.

    And so one wonders:

    Will someone get out a ladder and remove it or will it remain in place forever–or at least until successive storms have, over several millennia, shredded it sufficiently to make it only mostly visible?

    I speak from experience: it took almost two years for a bag, caught in a tree in the yard at the back of my building to “disappear.” At least, to become less of an outright eyesore.

    I wonder if a call to 311 would help? I suspect removing such plastic is a job for Concerned Citizens.