We Want…a Shrubbery!


We don’t know if the Knights Who Say “Ni!” have visited Remsen Street between Henry and Hicks lately, but this lovely shrubbery has been sitting in the middle of the sidewalk on the south side of the street for some days now, no doubt guarding travelers against a defect in the paving stone.

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  • Jose

    LOL – my dog loves peeing there

  • grrr

    That house is pathetic … their sidewalk has been a huge hazard for months, not just days … and they refuse to do a damn thing about it other than stick a plant in everyone’s path.

  • Heights

    That sidewalk has been a hazard for a couple of years. Whoever put down the slate did a lousy job. Every time it rains the sand from underneath comes out. If you step on the uneven slabs you are showered with water and sand. It is inexcusable that it has gone on as long as it has.

  • Bruekelin Heights

    Actually it is not to warn of a wobbly tile, it is one of those anti-terrorist truck bomb barricade planters.

  • HG718

    Thanks for this – we live down the block and this has been the bane of mine and my husband’s existence for the past few months – especially trying to manuever around it on icy January days! Should we file a complaint with 311?

  • grrr

    Please call 311 – I have tried with no results – maybe another call will help!

  • grrr

    Update – some poor guy was out in the cold today fixing the slate – let’s see how long the shrub-free sidewalk lasts.