Brooklyn Heights Real Estate Open Thread 1/11/14

Here are some links from around the internets regarding real estate in Brooklyn Heights. Comment away about these topics or whatever else is on your mind when it comes to buyin’, sellin’ and lookin’ at real estate:

2014 Brooklyn development to watch: 172 Montague St. [Brooklyn Eagle]

Building of the Day: 129-131 Montague Street [Brownstoner]

Brooklyn Heights Real Estate Is En Fuego Says New Report [BHB]

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Here’s the biggest potential real estate deal going:

  • Heights Observer

    Agreed. This deal is a disgrace, pure and simple. The billionaire real estate developers always seem to win and we lose a hospital. Developers promise middle schools, affordable housing, libraries, jobs etc., that never seem to materialize. Time and again we let the politicians give away land and tax breaks and we let them get away with it and never seem to hold anyone accountable. No doubt sizable campaign contributions come their way (are you listening Ms L. James.)
    I also think the latest DeBlasio appointment of Stanley Brezenoff validates my suspicion that, in order to get elected, DeBlasio says one thing and now does another. Shame. (Check out the link to the Dennis Hamill column in the BHB LICH update story by Claude Scales.)

  • Carlotta

    AAGreed – All About Greed.

  • Andrew Porter

    All those who bought apartments at the Archstone on Montague can now look forward to their lot-line windows on the west being bricked over when the new building next door rises. Meanwhile, with the assembly of the building lot on Remsen, they will soon have another colossal construction obscuring their views in that direction. But, of course, that block is outside of the BH Landmarked District, and there is no view guarantee for them.

  • rb
  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Archstone is a rental.

    This building is very important to many of us who like to consider ourselves experts of Brooklyn Heights history. By the way, you are considered very knowledgeable.

    Check out this video of Bruce Eichner in which he talks about his brilliance in getting around the height limitations in a landmarked area by purchasing air rights. Say what you want about him but one thing for sure, he is very bright.

  • Flagel

    Anyone know what the all day long pile driver noise in the Heights is? Starts around 7:30 and goes on and on. Is it the Condos in BB Park ? Cant quite tell the direction but its LOUD. Wonder how long and how noisy that whole stupid project is going to be ..

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    It is the hotel in Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier One. I live right down the block. Not complaining. The result will be worth the aggravation. I am especially looking forward to the rooftop pool with a gin and tonic in my hand.