Lilah Tov Mike’s Kosher Steak

0106071701.jpgMany BHB readers have emailed and commented to us today that Mike's Kosher Steakhouse on Clark Street has covered up its windows and appears to be out of business.

The business seemed doomed from the start, opening in one of the nabe's many "cursed" locations, 52 Clark Street

When the restaurant opened, BHB commenter Annulla posted this prescient observation:

That space has not had a successful tenant since the BagelLady closed a few years ago. It isn’t cursed, but Clark Street isn’t Manhattan or even Smith Street; people looking for upscale, fine dining places don’t naturally think of it as a destination.

I hope that Mike’s succeeds, but I think they are going to need a LOT of good PR to bring in the well-heeled crowd they need.

It seemed as though Mike's was off to a good start, with coverage in all local papers and the NY Daily News. While many stories focused on the restaurant's high prices, the food got decent, if not rave, reviews.

That was until the NY Post broke the story of rape allegations against owner Mikel Domgjoni on December 12. That's not good PR, no matter what the outcome.

No word on if the closing is the direct result of any criminal or civil actions.

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  • Nigel

    Looks like the Pig N’ Out on Henry St. might have gone under as well – there’s a rental sign on the window today (Jan. 8). Will it never end?

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks for the tip. For what it’s worth, Pig N’ Out didn’t serve food, they served what I like to call “charred remains”.

  • Carrie

    I quite disagree with Mr. Fink. Pig N’ Out’s food is fantastic. I’d put it up against any barbeque in the city. I thought the service was great, too. I’m very sorry to see them go.