Will Kosher Steak Beat Clark Street Curse?

clark street steakWe received this cell phone photo of the former La Citronelle/Clark Street Station restaurant site. The sign in the window reads “Kosher Steak House coming soon”. While it’s true that 72 Clark Street’s last incarnation — a ridiculously ill-conceived sports bar — was destined to fail, chatter in the nabe points to something more supernatural — the site is jinxed. Will the power of a nice Kosher steak house be mein bobbeh’s ta’am or a shtik naches?

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  • stingerster

    Although this is a wealthy neighborhood, the prices are out of whack for a local eatary. I only ever see people at the bar, the seating area is usually empty. They need less expensive menu items for the casual diner.

  • Bkballer

    The curse is actually a problem of size and location. The neighborhood does not support medium or large sized eating establishments. Note that all successfull restaurants in the area have a smaller footprint than that of the Kosher Steak House. For further support of this theory, look on Henry street where other the large footprint restaurant area has experienced three or four failed restaurants and has led to a partitioning of the space. If the owners were bright they would divide the space and find another bagel store to move in to one of them. With the reopening of the hotel turned dorms across the street from the “cursed” space there is a huge client base of students who would eat up cheap and good bagels all day and night.

  • Qfwfq

    Pizza! That area desperately needs a couple of good slice pizza joints, not some oversized and overpriced steak house. Cut the steak house in half, one side bagels, the other pizza.

  • sg

    pizza? how about fascati’s? that’s the best pizza and it’s down the block…

  • http://annulla.blogspot.com annulla

    That space has not had a successful tenant since the BagelLady closed a few years ago. It isn’t cursed, but Clark Street isn’t Manhattan or even Smith Street; people looking for upscale, fine dining places don’t naturally think of it as a destination.

    I hope that Mike’s succeeds, but I think they are going to need a LOT of good PR to bring in the well-heeled crowd they need.