Brooklyn Heights Real Estate Open Thread 11/10/13

Here are some of this week’s real estate headlines. Discuss and comment away!

$699,000 For A 1BR Walk-Up In Brooklyn Heights [Curbed]

Making a Long Stop in Brooklyn Heights: Townhouse, on Market for $8.25 Million, Provides Easy Stopping Place [WSJ]

Co-op of the Day: 162 Columbia Heights [Brownstoner]

Creative-Class Bonafides Welcome Daily Show Exec Producer to Brooklyn Heights [BHB]

Landmarks Commission Rejects Second Cinema Site Plan [BHB]

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  • Jorale-man

    I have a friend who’s looking to buy a place in the Heights and tells me it’s really tough going at the moment. There is very little on the market apparently. Hence $700K for a one-bedroom walk-up I guess.

  • NFW

    Time to cash out boys

  • Alec

    #cantaffordit #forcedtothesuburbs #godwhywestcherwhy

  • Lily Cheng

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  • water front

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